Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 1 of Cam

Whilst my consciousness was steadily returning to me, I could feel the chill of the ground beneath me. Wondering if I could have fallen off of my bed once again, even though I could detect the peculiar atmosphere which binds me. Which means I am in a place of uncertainty. Immediately my eyes flew open and I stiffened as I felt someone poking me.
“Oh why so tense? I thought you would have missed me?” Flashbacks of constant yelling and a need to break out run through my mind as familiarity dawns on me.
“How did you get out, Chistore?”
“Oh you didn’t think you could keep me locked away forever, did you? I will always be here for you, Cam.” Yes I did. My best option is to escape here. While I am moving to rise, Chistore pins me down to the ground. Cursing under my breath, because I knew the outcome of this. As a sense of nostalgia rushed over me, although before my mind could exit to a flashback, Chistore did something unlike him. “Do you think maybe we could talk?” I nodded, before I could rethink my decision Chistore had my arms wrapped with cold, heavy, restraining, chains. “Just a precaution!”
“Precautions would be needed for a criminal, those who have killed people. Have I done anything of the sort?”
“You see, was I a criminal when you locked me down? People don’t always just lock criminals up. People lock up people who have done nothing, and who they deem are criminals when their actions say otherwise. We could lock people up by holding them to a promise they aren’t satisfied with keeping it anymore. We lock people up by creating a damaging zone that causes someone to walk along eggshells or forcing them to stay with you because of a child. You could also trap someone by threatening to do toxic things to force them into doing something you want them to do. For example, saying you are going to cut yourself if someone breaks up with you. If someone has to damage their own mental state in order to keep you happy, aren’t you holding them captive? Are they a criminal?” He has a point, but those are conversations that people aren’t ready for. However, wouldn’t that mean that he is holding me captive. “Yes, I know that you think I am holding you captive. However, helping you face something you have been running from, does that help or harm your mental state?”
“Since, it is against my will, it would harm. You can not force something on someone that isn’t ready for it. They have to be willing to accept what you want them to see, and you can’t force them to accept.” The person has to be willing to remove the broken glass from their eye so that they can perfectly see the situation they have placed themselves in. Now, it is my turn to see the damage I have caused.
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