Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 1 of Nikki

The secondhand light shined on my eyes, causing my head to turn, hiding from the light. Still laying down on the ground restlessly, I begin to sit up straight, with my face towards the wall. When suddenly a mirror appeared in front of me, as if it was there all along. Sharply turning my head to the right, I could hear someone.
“Why so scared?” The smirk of victory in their voice was too familiar.
“I am not scared, Neflem.” She was relentless, which could be an admirable trait if used probably, this isn’t one of those times. “Why do you enjoy making my life miserable?” Behind me, I could hear footsteps moving forward.
“Out of fun!” Through the corner of my peripheral vision, while my hide is still turned from the mirror, I can see the smirk that has turned into a smile that was spreading fast showing similarities to a wildfire. With a flick of her waist, I was surrounded by mirrors. Shutting my eyes tightly, I commence rocking myself back and forth wishing they were all gone underneath my breath. Slowly opening my eyes, all of the mirrors are gone. “I guess I do have a heart.” Neflem announced from behind me. But-
She had me by the throat, taking my life and having the grip around me tightened. At this point, her smirk had completely disappeared, and I refused to squirm underneath her authority, so I looked her in her eyes as this useless life and my last endless breath escaped me. My eyes began rolling to the back of my head, as I felt myself collapse to solid ground and air, the element so many people take for granted, filled within my lungs. Forcefully saying“You are the most despicable person ever!” between breaths.
“Funny, so do we get separate trophies or do we share this one?” The smirk returned to her face, as she watched me struggle to return my breathing back to normal. “Don’t try me again!” She ordered as she held a mirror to my face, driving me to look away. “Don’t address me if you can’t even look at yourself in a mirror!” She walked away smiling in victory as I sat on the dusty ground depleted. Just sitting on the ground, wondering how I allowed this to happen. Wondering what it was I was hiding from, I knew exactly what it was. Even though I knew what it was, my plan was to continue hiding.

This chapter is a bit shorter, because this was a good place to stop Today.
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