Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 2 of Pearl

Who am I? What am I leaving behind? Is there anyone who would even care about me suffocating, when these four walls enclose me, making a squishy, confining prism. Accepting my outcome, I turned my head to the side, a sign of submission. Unfortunately, I was going to die as another piece of coal on the floor, blending in the crowd, was what I was best at.
A laugh burst through the crowd, “You are so pathetic, you wouldn’t even fight for your life.” My eyes searched everywhere for where the voice was going from, but that was it the person was everywhere. The walls began to change colors and texture. The once brown squishy surface was centering itself at one vocal point, the rest of the wall turned tan and firm. Within seconds, the wall completely returned to its former self, and in front of me stood, Prollen, the person who shared an identical outward appearance as I, yet we were fraternal internally. “I guess some things never change, you are still as pitiful as ever!”
“Says the person that hide herself, in-” My sentence was cut off before I could complete it.
“Let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t hide, hiding implies that I was running and/or scared. However, the person in front of me is much of nothing. So, if anything I did you a favor by staying away..”
“That doesn’t counteract the fact that you, by your own will, hide in the wall!” Winning this battle was going to be impossible, when Prollen was ready to win a war. My scream pierces through the tension and hatred that surrounds us, as two bars emerge from the walls, on my left and right, lodged into my arms. Tears were straining my face, as the pain was going stronger as I continued to struggle to free my arms.
“Stop fighting them, as you struggle they will only be secured farther into your arms. How about you do what I have had to do, just sit still and be my prisoner. Watch as I reign free, far from being held captive! I told you that all that blending in didn’t help no one.” She picked the diamond, which I left on the ground, starting to dance with it.
Hmm, did I have to be like her to be a diamond?
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