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They STAYed with each other and every thing changed. _________________________________ Perlita's P.O.V. I smirked and sat in my car having a victory smile I start my car. I put my hands on the steering wheel , when I saw the ring on my hand. Seriously! But when? How? I jerked and came out of my car and there he was laughing and smirking at me. To know more about the story. Join them in an epic journey.

Mystery / Romance
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Meet Akio Kawasaki, the C.E.O of Kawasaki's brand. Tall,intelligence,handsome and the youngest and biggest japanese business tycoon in all asia. He can understand what is going in anyone minds, he is different from other business man or tycoon he don't have a mania of women or money. He have everything anyone wants in life then why he is broken from inside?

Meet Perlita Gracia, a Phillipines annoying and stubborn daughter of Mr James Gracia. A beauty queen, intelligent and a hacking expert. She is someone whose anger is always on her nose. She live a life of princess,but why this princess is caged in her own palace?

From far they look distant however something from past joined them with each other.

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