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Chapter 1: writting diary.

2020 Phillipines.

What should I write today I thought as I stare at the blank page of my book. I haven't wrote a single word in my colleage days but thanks to that psychiatrist I have to write my every day chores in this silly book.

I am annoyed by this like every day at 10 pm I have to sat and write about my day like seriously. What should I write?

There is nothing I did today that was worthy for me to remember.

Lost in my thought I browsed on internet when a article on Kawasakis came in my sight.

I clicked on it.

"The C.E.O of Kawasaki industries ,Mr Fuji Kawasaki and his mother died in a car accident. No one know who will be taking the responsibility of Kawasaki's industries. People are assuming that Mr Akio Kawasaki who was the Cousin and P.A of the Mr Fuji Kawasaki ,will take Responsibility of Kawasaki's brand Alsl....."

I left the article in between and took my pen and book with a smirk.

Should I write something about him well why not.

As far as I remember it was 2016. I attended a huge party which was organised by non other then the Kawasaki. At that time I was amazed by how huge the party was. The place it self look like a palace.

But like any other party it was boring, like absolutely nothing was there I can do. I cannot talk to any one as taught by my father all I have to do was to smile..elegantly. And thanks to this I now have this problem of not speaking properly.

But this environment vanished when I was pushed by someone and in less then a minute I was in someone arms, it looks like a typical movie scene where main leads meet each other for the first time. But in my case it was the reality. At that very moment I closed my eyes and every thing felt unreal it wasn't like I cannot her them but I cannot understood what's going on.

When he puts me back I saw him looking down shyly down, don't know what to do. When he just awkwardly said sorry and left.

It wasn't like love at 'first sight' type of senerio, ofcourse, but I was more amazed that a man can feel shy or be awkward.

And that's how I got to know the Mr Akio Kawasaki. Our first meeting was like a film but after that I haven't heard of him nor even looked at any pics on social media or on news.

But now when people are expecting him to be the C.E.O of the Kawasaki industries then I don't know what will happened.

Things will change ofcourse but how I don't know.
And also I am screwed ,my father is thinking something about me , therefore suddenly out of the blue he said me to write this book.

I closed my book on the table put it in the draw and yawing gone to bed.

Same day.
Akio's P.O.V.

I was lost in my thought I don't know what to do. The feeling of loosing someone close to me is quite old for me but someone as close as Fuji. I never thought I can be so weak and vulnerable. I was never so close to my mom as much I was with Fuji. I took one more sip of alcohol from bottle.

The grief is eating me, I should have warn him, why didn't I? I want to stop thinking about him. But I can't. He was happy , aunt was excited they were going to meet Airi, the love of his life.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, face of Fuji keep coming in my mind
"I am so happy..will talk to you is coming."
His last words on phone. A tear rolled down my eyes.

I cried even more. Sorry Fuji I cannot save you.

Suddenly a thought came in my mind how will I face Haru , we three were best friend , what he will think , I have murdered Haru for position.

No ,he knows me, he won't say something harsh as that.

When my cabin's door opened with a jerk.

I stood up from my chair.

Haru was infront of me.
"Where were you?" I asked.

"Where is Fuji?" Haru asked in a calm tone yet his eyes was filled with different emotions.

I just looked down in the floor not maintaining eye contact .

"Anwer me Akio." He was still asking calm tone.

I turned my back towards him looking down on the floor .

"He is dead.... Tomorrow is his funeral."

As soon as I turned the bottle slipped from my hand as I see Haru crying on the floor.
I ran towards him and back hugged him without saying a word. He cried even more. He palmed his face still sitting on the floor .

He is crying so much for Fuji. If he got to know the truth about Fuji's death, then even as a best friend I don't know what he will do.

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