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Chp 2: Problem.


Perlita's P.O.V.

"Mr Akio Kawasaki when will you get marry ."

"There are rumors that you are dating someone who is she."

"Who is the girl in the photo?''

"Who was with you in cafe?"

"Yes. I am dating someone. Please give us some privacy." He answered them and all the reporter went quite.

The news was going on paparazzi and reporter are forcing Akio to be engaged or get married to someone.

Like seriously. It's his life. And why they are so interested in his life just like so many celebrity are dating in this lockdown so he is. I switched off the tv.
And look at the at scenery of my balcony the mountains and the lakes are beautiful. My balcony it quite huge so even if I am standing right infront of my doorsteps I can still the scenery cleary.

Looking at it I was lost in my thoughts , it's been one year. Every thing is back to normal no one care about Fuji's death. Now whenever people mention about the Kawasakis it's about Akio not Fuji.

I smiled thinking how life is so magical, yesteryear whose identity was just because of his family , has now created his own identity.

I sat on my bed thinking how my life can change and I can be free from this prison.

When I saw Ms Reyes coming in my room.

"Yes" I said .

"Nothing just checking on you." Ms Reyes said while leaving my room.

Ms Reye's is like a guardian to me she is far different from other people she genuinely care about me and my well being. And appointing Ms Reyes as my P.A was the only thing my dad have done good.

I always talk to her rudely or annoy her but still she will always act calm and never shout at me unlike my dad.

Haru's P.O.V.

I opened the door of Akio's room with a jerk.

He looked at me .

Akio's P.O.V.

I was discussing some important topics about business with one my head employe when my cabin's door opened with a jerk.

I was about to shout but when I saw Haru standing infront of me I smiled, I was happy that my old haru is back . The one that joke around and never take thing seriously even after being the manager of the well known hotel in Japan. After Fuji death he vanished for 2 months , I thought I won't see him again but here he is.

I was lost in my thoughts when reality hit me , Haru was searching for something. Maybe some important document, wait but what his important document are doing here.

I make my way to him and signal the employ that was in my room to leave.

"Hey what's up. What you are looking for?"
I asked. He didn't even looked at me and keep searching something .

I was just stand there observing him. He was searching literally everywhere like under the table behind the cusion below the sofa literally everywhere.

"Haru what are you looking for?" I screamed.

'' What you are saying as if you didn't know what I am looking for?" He asked in a joking tone and continue to look here and there.

"Haru now you are making me furious. What thing on the earth are you looking for?" I asked with a confuse and furious expression.

"No. It's not a thing it a human,my boy." He explained dramatically and pulling my cheeks.

"What?" I asked while raising an eyebrow.

"So someone search for human like that under table,inside the cupboard ,behind the cushion. Are you serious?" I questions raising my voice a bit.

" No. Mr Akio Kawasaki are you serious who is that human who came in your life but I didn't know?"

And I know whom he was taking about.

"Ya ya. I know ,about that girlfriend thing . Let me tell you in a line . I don't have a girlfriend." I said putting my hands in my pocket.

"Good you don't." He said with big victory smile. And added.

"But then why did you said you are... You know.. dating."

"Don't know just slip out of my mouth." I said while touching the back of my hair.

And haru was left with a "I don't believe this" type of expression. Ofcourse someone like me who thinks thousand times before letting my words leave my mouth is talking of mistakes . But in the end of the day I am a human too and i can make mistakes too.

"Don't worry I will handle that" I added.

"And who was that girl in photo?"
He asked raising his eyebrow. And stepping infront of me.

"Airi." As soon as the word slipped from my mouth there was a mixed expression on his face he was surprised, happy and sad.

"You met her...what she said"He said with a smile.

Now what should I say to him. What excuse should I tell him? Akio you have saved yourself from Airi but what about him.

Think akio think?

Fuji death is a planned murder not a accident if I said this words to him then? and also that I know this before them then ?

They both will be devasted for sure.

And Haru will be more devasted if he will know that the one who did this was non other then Fuji's own father. And Airi will be more devasted if she will know that the reason for Fuji's murder was Airi.

It will be a big problem if they would know the truth.

Perlita's room.

Perlita's P.O.V.

I was busy hacking the email which my Dad's P.A Mr Reyes, has send to my dad. I have made my own software so that I can hack anyone phone without leaving any trace of it.

Hacking in process:95% done

Fast. Fast. Fast.


I changed the email with different one.

Now wait and watch. I won't get marry too soon dad, and specially with a guy whom you chose. In your dream . I am your daughter.

When my phone ringed.

"Hi. Ms Reyes. What's up?"

"Have you done. Your father is checking the email. " Ms Reyes is reporting me from downstairs .

"Don't worry. I have changed the email."

I disconnected the phone.

I make my way to downstair. Dad was on the sofa checking the email on the laptop. I just stayed at corner looking at my dad's changing expression.

Seeing my father face clearly says he don't like this guy.
He got up and called someone, certainly Mr Reyes. I make my way beside Ms Reyes.

"Now Mr Reyes is gone."
I whispered smiling to Ms Reyes.

"Talk nicely he is my father." She said giving me a serious look.

I smirked.

"Mr Reyes is this is what I said to you idiot....."
He started to shout on him while Ms Reyes frowned.

"Let's go." I whispered holding Ms Reyes hand and snatching her with me.

We were in balcony sitting there doing nothing and looking at senerio infront of our eyes. The moutain look very quite and peaceful unlike my life.

"Why you always do this?"
She asked still looking at the senerio.

"What?" I asked casually.
She gave me a serious face looking at me as if she will eat me.

"You know my father always get scolded because of you. I know you don't want to get marry and your father don't listen to you. But still atleast try to make him underst..." Before she can complete her sentence I interrupted

"Are you out if your mind don't you know my father . You are working here for almost 8 years now don't you know that he won't listen to me." I said in stubborn yet calm tone.

"So will you ever marry someone or not. " She asked calmly.

"I will. That is the only key that can get me out of here. But you know my father want a rich and wealthy son in law for him not a good partner for me, and he will find someone like him for me. So before he can find someone I had to."

It will be a huge problem if I won't find someone who is not like my father.
I said to myself.

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