Mystery in the Mist- Preview

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The Tale of Greatness Continues

The crisp, refreshing voice of the flute echoed on the surface of the flowing river. Dee, Xun, and Shun sat on the tiny boat. Shun stood beside the boatman, while the other two had some teatime. Shun took a fresh inhale before blowing into the wooden pipe. Another string of charming notes was produced, mixing with the warming sun rays of noon.

Dee and Xun both wore all white. They just came back from Rui’s funeral. Sitting on calm waters reduced Dee’s moments of sadness. The wind blowing in his face dried out his tears. It’s devastating to lose a friend. Even though Dee has recovered from the wound, he still has a soft spot for Rui when he is mentioned.

“The busy streets, lousy voices, bright sun, chirping birds, this is the glory of Chang’an,” Dee exclaimed. “It makes me want to sing a beautiful poem.”

“This is all thanks to you, Dee.” Xun laughed.

“That’s not true at all,” Dee argued. “Everyone, including you, helped me a bunch. I can’t take all the credit.”

“Did I really help?” This is obviously a joke by Xun. He wanted to hear praises coming out of Dee’s mouth. Xun has a very high ego.

“Of course you did. You reminded me to not trust the people around me,” Dee said. Dee was suspecting Yuchi but did not have any legitimate evidence. As time went by the suspicion died down. Xun’s advice, however, alerted Dee to keep an eye on Yuchi, which paid off significantly.

“Nah, I just said some obvious things.” Xun pretends not to care, taking a small sip of tea. But Dee knows deep inside, he is smiling towards the praises. “You were the one who figured out everything.”

“Not everything.”

“How is that?” Xun asked.

“Take a look at this.” Dee pulled a piece of folded paper out of his pockets. He carefully unfolded it before handing it to Xun. “I still could not find the secret code within this letter.”

Mister, If you want to maintain your position, do what’s told by me.

Earliest by tonight, or else your secret….

Meaningful message hidden, maybe you will have a clue.

The secret may never be told, no one will watch.

Eerie voices might remind you of ther.

Echos of the sound will lead you to your heart.

The message is hidden in your biggest secrets.

This is the letter about the secret of General Sha. Although the case is already solved, Dee would still like to know what message this letter really delivered.

“Interesting,” Xun murmured. It would definitely take a while before anyone can obtain the hidden message if there is even any. Moments of focused silence lasted between the two. The atmosphere intensified, the two are racing for whoever gets it first.

“Ah-ha,” Xun laughed out loud, it looks like he’s figured it out. A big bright smile was put on his face.

“Please put me out of my misery.” Dee threw his hands up in the air.

“Alright.” Xun grabbed the letter in hand. “I was looking at line five of the poem, wondering what “Ther” meant. Because it really doesn’t make sense in this sentence. But if you would connect every first and last word of each line, you will get a message saying, Meet me there Tts.”

“With how the letter is worded, I think you are absolutely on to something,” Dee exclaimed. “But what could “Tts” possibly mean?”

“Probably someone’s shortened name.” Xun guessed. “You know, if it was you then it would be something like Drj.”

The mystery word Tts spun around Dee’s working brain, suddenly it came to the surface of his mind. “Tang Tsusi.” Dee didn’t realize the magnitude of his volume.

“What is that?”

“Tang Tsusi, Tts!!!” Dee smiled uncontrollably. “I read about this person’s death in the newspaper days before.”

“I did recall it happening,” Xun claimed.

“So can you please lead us there?” Dee begged.

The three entered a local hotel up north of Chang’an. To the room where supposedly the guy was found dead. At first glance, nothing appeared deviant. Dee pushed his hands on the walls, checking if there were any hidden doorways of some sort. None was found, but a portion of the wall felt extremely hollow as Dee was pressing on it. Dee asked for a hammer, he is eager to find out the answer, just like usual. The hammer pierced through the thin wall, smoothly and crisply. There indeed is a hidden room within the walls.

It was a rather small room, struggling to fit two male adults. But piles of money and stacks of gold bars were just thrown onto the ground. This is a huge amount of property that even Dee is a bit jealous of.

“Come look at this Master Dee,” Shun said. Dee looked where Shun pointed, and hanging high up near the ceiling, is two self-portraits. The two men looked exactly like Doctor Li and General Sha.

“I guess this must be their little hunt, where all the loot is stored,” Xun said.

“After all, this is related to the Yu’s,” Dee replied.

“Well, I suppose tts was also murdered by them.” Xun sat on the comfy bed. “Who is this guy though?”

“From reading Yuchi’s diary,” Dee told Xun. “He claimed there are also some helpers, and Tang must be one of them.”

“Another one dead.” Xun sighed.

“Nonetheless, I feel sad for all the crazy drama that happened within this month. Nobody deserves to be dead.”

“Well, from Doctor Li to General Sha, they all committed some stupid act,” Xun said. “The Yu’s were the victims.”

“They were, but now they did the exact same thing, evil,” Dee added on. “But they’ve realized their mistakes, and the emperor forgave their actions.”

“I guess the ending is a happily ever after?” Xun looked into Dee’s eyes.

“I don’t know about the after. But I would say it ended thrillingly, and the results are definitely acceptable.” Dee smiled. “After all, It will be just a small struggle in the outspread of the dynasty’s glory.”

“The great Tang dynasty will forever last……”


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