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“You know that blissful breeze you feel as a kid while playing with sand, and the happy feeling you get when you smell freshly baked cookies, that is the memory I longed to have back. I wish I could go back in time, before my 16th birthday”- help, someone, anyone! My name is Alana, I was 16 when I was left to die and found abandoned in a car in the woods, no one knows what happened that night, everyone says it was an accident, or at least that’s what I thought until now. This is no accident!

Mystery / Horror
Brianna Riddle
Age Rating:

The sounds of perfect harmony

You know that sound of laughter, the chuckles from a little girl as the little girl plays in perfect harmony. The blissful breeze fills the air, the birds chirping as they look down from above looking for food, like scavengers but only with wings and long necks. The smell of freshly baked cookies fill the air, the warmth of a loving mother holding you tightly. This was the dream! Except it was only a memory I longed for. In my life dreams became my only happy place, the scares on my body shows it. The sound of ocean waves crashing, and the distant memory of being a little girl is were I find peace, but also sorrow and pain. You may ask what lead me to this bottomless pit of endless sorrow and pain, but truth is you wouldn’t believe me, just like everyone else. I was born a blue blood, the third generation to be called Alana, Alana Hazel Huxley, to be exact. I was born into the perfect family, everything that my family touched or looked at would be turned into gold like a rat looking for silver only to come up with brass. My family deceived everyone, including me. My mother was a professional pianist, who worked hard to keep her obsessions a secret, my dad however was the head of the largest company in all of the world, he had the authority to destroy the world if he wanted to, that was how powerful he truly was. I went to the best school in all of America, being the most powerful mans daughter of course had it’s perks, but it mostly had its flaws. I was of course the most popular girl in school, but being popular can get kinda lonely at times. My besties were Laura, Austin, Zach, and Sophie, we were inseparable since birth. We were all born at the same hospital all in 1 second apart. Zach was the first to be born, then came Sophie, then me, then Austin, then lastly but not least came Laura. Everyone in school envied us, we were the dream, we were what everyone wanted but always failed to become. Too some we were their worst enemy, beauty suckers that craved attention, the haters thought. But we didn’t care, that is until the night of my 16th birthday! Our story started out perfect, but just like all the perfect lives in the world they always come crashing down with a Big Bang... we just didn’t know how close that Big Bang was going to be! But to fully understand our story we have to go to the beginning... the moment my father became head of the largest company in the world. My father has always been a shady man, and of course you have to be shady to make it to the top, like my dad always says. Just moments before my fathers life changed forever, his phone ranged and on the other end of this collective call was the man who did all of dads dirty work (mr. J) a man of few words, but don’t let that fool you, he was the worlds most wanted criminal. During the phone call mr. J only said four words, “don’t forget our deal”. If only I knew what those four words would do to my life I would have killed myself right then and there, you might think it’s selfish, but I’d rather kill myself than suffer this unbreakable pain that was set in my path that day. I was only five when my life turned from dust and rags to ballgowns and roses. My father got off the phone with mr. J and became very agitated but proceeded with his promotion and became one of the richest men in the world. During the years of me growing up in this deceitful household my mother made sure I was the smartest person in school, like a loving mother would, except my mother was no ordinary loving mother. Like my father she had her own web of lies and secrets, just not as deeps as my papas. She had an obsession, one that would lead her to a life long of misery and pain. Our story didn’t only come down with a Big Bang, but with endless fire that would leave the world lost and confused forever. My mother never truly wanted a child, the money my papa bribed her with kept her around. My mother was always hard on me, but she was still loving, just not in a way that was natural. At least she tried, after all she was trapped like a free bird in a cage with no way out. My mother was young and naïve when she met my papa, he persuaded her and manipulated her by promising her everything she could dream of and paying her way through school. she only agreed to marrying him was so she could have his money cause her family was poorer than his, but soon after the ring was put on her finger her world turned backwards and inside out. My papa and mother never talked about children before marriage, which is probably why she despises me and my papa. As soon as they were married my papas attitude changed, he went from being this gentleman to a man of lies. By the time my mother had me she hated my papa with every drop of blood in her body. The first five years of breathing the breath of life were surprisingly easy, I somewhat had a child hood, one that didn’t have the responsibility that I had at age 15. But everything changed the night of my 16th birthday.
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