Who Murdered her Husband?

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When he died and died and died because of me. That is what she said the whole family said it. They were devastated that they all had to die because of something like me.

I was not about to solve any real crime and there did not appear to be something I just did not feel a part of any of them. What an idea the idea being I was a human buzzing with the activity of university education.

Well I got my place immediately on applying then mother did not shout or scream, allowed me to study, Looked after dad and he and she appeared to be ennobled together.

I graduated in something like a good time and did not do much but worthy work. Now appealing to something like society to accept me they said so what?

So what after all that I have been through getting the degree and studying? Well so what.

Seeing that an adult degree is meaninglessness?

"No it is just so what."

Not my real mum. It is very confusing when Zeks were the only person called mum. My mum in Australia refused the connection and even hinted if I said a word she would never speak to me again.

Speak to me not she ever again well considering she had spoken to be twice or three times in thirty years the connection seems to be not warm.

People chat and not behave as if they had a brat in the barn and shun them forever more. Eventually the sis had the decency to divorce her pa and disappeared. That she said her name never caught the words but it began with Mess and she lived in number 22.

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