Who Murdered her Husband?

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Chapter 2

He would swagger with the wife number two they would go to shops and do their groceries. The other one had a axe they always said she was chopping wood. Indoors well yes she did not feel like going out.

He walked in the bliss of the innocence of his selfish desires and did not think he had nothing to feel guilty about. His children were safe and his whole world not a chaos. He did not like to go out at night somehow made him sleep less. That is when he got married to the mistress because the Mosque had to be clean by five or four.

What time does he have to do such a thing if not indoors? His wife did not grumble seem to sense his needs. She took a lot of drugs in order to rid herself of nonsense.

"What you doing neighbour?"

"Chopping wood." She would say grimly.

"What else are you chopping?"

"Nothing that you should know. Now be off with you."

"The things I would do to such a man if I had the chance."

Her smile turned grim. She frowned in some thought then began to chop again.

She suffered from her headaches and needed something to calm her nerves. The other wife had no such thing. Her head was in order in calculation and able to deal with everything. But who did the cooking the cleaning? The woman with the axe.

They would come from their outings with packages and did not even offer her something. Then seeing her expression they would say next time maybe.

She would to make ends meet do some rose water as she had a pump which she had engineered herself. She was that proud about it almost like a child.

Most unusual was it not for the second Imam to have such a problem? He only washed the Mosque had a roving eye made passes even to auntie the idiot. Sopping up the Mosque and all that detergent must have gone to his head. Had said mother she just disliked him because he said he had not tried it with her.

Mother said she was attractive but he did not he said she was sin. So not being healthy was it?

" Go and run some soap water on the pans. When she wanted me to feel something like shame that is what she did. Saved the pepper and the dishes were cleaned."

Red hot from my exertions I sat down and did something like play ball with the things which were on hand. A girl had not many options in a little room with a sick mother. The amusements were not varied like for example the other girls went out and did holidays and had sunny weather.

We stayed in this room all the time did not move did not even go out except to the Turkish cinemas where weirdos said words to mother and made us all feel like interlopers. I later learned that they were the gang which dad had and they were saying worst things because he and she had been lovers.

“Sorry dude.” she would say, " speaking the truth hurts does it not?"

"What is the reason behind all this I never got to know." I said softly as if the whole thing was flying beneath me not my control. I just had to stop listening to her.

“Nothing doing I will not even try you.” She said in a lewd voice.

Then she was annoyed angry as if the past came crashing by and there was nothing else to say but words.

“Go and mate with the wives. And a lousy man says one is a whore beneath contempt and says one is ugly."

"I am not ugly I did not mean to harm her." She said.

"Mummy the story."

"She just sat it out. The wife knows how to sit things out." She grinned knowingly she was in her element of contorted control.

We have lusts we have the same lusts which made us all. I was made up of lusts so are you and the whole world is too. Except for the test tubes and they are made of love.

So spent the assistant Imam making the ties and breaking the

lines which is to honour the vows. They all thought he a good man. He was very good never neglected to tell his children how good he was.

Just sit down and I will tell you where I met your mum.

Not the right mum go and lay down and I will come and sprinkle some holy water to melt the headaches. The largeness of his house was that the thoughts and the feelings there were love. It used to belong to Gold that house she used to be the legal heir until the Mosque took it from her. For some reason they did. Snatched from her sane hands it had been.

Love and sin and all that ditched attempts at making the impossible happen the aged old house the house two storeys and they lived in there without paying rent or anything.

The inevitable happened he had to divorce one of the wives one had the eternity and the 11 children now all grown and the other had two under ten. He wanted peace so he choose the one who had lesser children besides she was a beast in bed.

The woman the first wife was there having a good cry. She had

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