Who Murdered her Husband?

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Chapter 3

He came to our lives she said in some concern. The wives the two women locked in some silent lock down. She could never get out of her marriage but her husband had. He had got out through the window she felt so trapped. The only thing to do to be was not much to say anything. She remained grimly silent. I who had not been born than made her feel sorry for the way it made her feel.

She was a neighbour she was a friend and she gave me sweets which was welcome. I who had no one to creep to had her. Se was always welcoming she did not grudge anyone anything but kept herself to herself.

Fondness does not make her innocent. But as I was speaking the whole story is a mute and why than at that time when the second wife had a lover? When she had got someone else. What yes she did have a sneaking male come in and out. Why? Because the son of a bitch had got old.

He came at ten o'clock and the woman did she know? Fucked if I know nobody thought to ask her. But if the man knew he would have thrown her out?

"So what?"

"Well don't you see she had a motive."

"But the first wife did nod her head?"

"Maybe she had her usual headaches?"

"Well it did get him down having the troubles and all that?"

"You mean in the middle of the Cyprus war?"

"His second wife a half Greek as that would clench it."

"Do not be racist,"

"Look if the whole thing was a story it would flow better. "

"No it is your way of telling the story."

"But the second wife swore on her soul she loved her husband better than he loved her. On the fires and brimstones and eternity."

"Well it figures."

"You are just prejudiced against her."

"She had a lover than she moved out as soon as Jack Robinson and set a shop where she sold everything."

"Like what?"

"From phones to every bag in the district."

"Not wives surely."

I did not know that but thought. No she did not sell women she not silly. Women were not saleable. So went on my hunches and watched her for a while until got nervous and left. There seemed to be such good nature in her as if she would gobble the world with goodness.

The first wife was on that day very unusually quiet and she seemed not to be speaking to anything or anyone but ghosts. We were out as the pharmacy of natural medicine. Gold had sold out and had to go and do some remedies. She had been gone for the past two days.

I had not been a adequate replacement. I did know that the wife no one was not to be trusted near ghosts and ghouls had to go to the loo when saw her near one and then they gobbled her up somehow. No they did not? Well they had to because they praying saints and she the only saints there. But our house haunted as it was needed blood that was what Gold said. Sure enough she had stepped on a mine.

Whoom boom and over heated I thought.

She just smiled then.

"When is Gold coming?"


"Sure she said."

"But she is. I know she is she would never leave this to me."

"Why not?"

"She would not just it."


Then she almost ran into the little chopper but did not take it.

"But she knew where it was."

"Well so did you?"

"Do not speak to me like that."

That three days was what did it for everyone she seemed to be talking to herself. It left everyone confused. It came and went it came and left her. She did not have the pills which made her appear normal.

When they got back. She came back she did not seem herself. Gold tittered she insane? She sat down and laughed she that good with her medicine bottles that was it. She so nice with the medicine as good as a doctor and they thought she would never have any knowledge. She that woman who had to be married at eleven now the power behind them all.

They had left me in charge of the medicine and I could not reach the medicine cabinet to give her the usual pills.

I did not know where the keys were. I thought that Gold had taken it with her. The man my father he would have shouted not to interfere with the things I did not understand. So I told auntie to break down lock. I felt it was the only choice.

They were gone three days and when they returned the thing was done she killed her husband.

Now most unusal to think she killed her husband because of a medicine problem. Well she had been done for. This is not now it happened in Cyprus about sixty years previously and there was nothing anyone could have done. Except I did not think it had been her who had done it.

What had happened was she had usually in her hand a axe. If a woman is passionate she will murder with the only weapon she has. She usually chopped wood and did all sorts indoors and out with her axe. It was a joke they all had because she carried as if her arms and legs were useless without it.

So why did she come and borrow our chopper to chop her

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