Who Murdered her Husband?

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Chapter 4

The police official who was a crooked one. He had nothing to do with the crime scene he had everything to do with the motive. The only one who appeared to be insane and acting like a weirdo was the first wife and she nodded she nodded it must be her. I was sleep walking as usual early in the morning and he did not have the crime scene secured. I who had always been sheltered from such events went in there it appeared I was acting strange too. He had a thing about madness he said all Turks were mad. Which was within his jurisprudence and when he was off this case he expected to be honoured for doing the Turks a service by allowing them to kill each other in peace.

A thought into the scene he allowed me to jump into the puddle which had been a pool had made a error. Look the fool even said why allow a child near the crime? The fool was a man who was really a fool He a police official did not. He just allowed us all to walk around the scene to gather our thoughts and all that. We did not come up with anyone else so Mrs wife the first was bundled off and was led to the insane asylum.

Why I thought the man was a professional and he should know better. Then dad showed them he was sure to get caught but he did. He killed seven of the bad guys and he got away too. He never caught now that is justice.

The Greeks were getting a bit uneasy about us. It appeared due to hunger and stress we had all gone mad. It did occur to them to put a good hospital there but then noting how much money and time it would have taken to cure us all. The matter was dropped.

We all came to England instead where there was a good hospital service and free of charge.

The feelings all the years of being in something like thought come to mind. I used to call that woman the first wife my auntie. Auntie was a good religious woman a wife and a mother to eleven children she would never jeopardise their fortunes when they were leaving for University.

For twenty two years the other wife had come and stayed and lodged for free why sudden like when the children leaving home making ends meet having a life should there be trouble now? What had made them bad what had cost the children their livelihoods and their professional development? Why would a mother kill her husband when her children nearing their own life?

Total bonkers and it was mad too because she did not love her husband. My God she just used him as he used her. The axe is the clue if he touched her against her will he would have it chopped. Not his head his penis.

"The man is insatiable."

"He is a idiot."

"Mind your language the child is listening."

"She cannot hear."

"Lip reads. Turn your head over and speak slowly in another language."

The woman did as she was told I could lip read that language not as closely. Then lost interest and went to potty. Then left the room in a state of disaster. Had done something which made the wives laugh out loud but did not know what.

The failings of this time was there was nothing they could do for deafness. I did not grumble I knew that life would be bitter did not know how it would all end but did not falter. I went head on and banged up all the experiences.

The wives were always talking made me mad sometimes did not understand how serious it had become the trail the woman creeping around making nothing saying nothing. She appealed to the judge and they sent her to the only place she could not harm anyone else.

So who was she protecting? Not herself no it had to be someone else a child her child some child? The child who shot himself? The child who hanged herself because she did not get to marry and her place at University got revoked.

They all had to change their names. Why what difference does a name have? They got their badge of dishonour. Why change their names? But then if they had done it what did it matter they guilty as charged.

I put the black cap on and was charging round and round all the wives had to behave otherwise they would get the pencil. A broken pencil meant death sentence. There it is.

Someone sat on my pencil and broken as it was.

"Uche do not do that again. She is a disaster."

"She lost it too started on her too she losing it."

"I haven't it is a bit messy."

"Come child there it is nice coffee or some milk?" asked Mess the grandmother.

"Lovely milk." I drunk a cup felt better almost human.

Then went on working on my case the history I knew the aftermath did follow but the thing was did not mean anything. Maybe the mother did it after all? But when the case was such an ordeal to even know what did it matter?

What did it matter who was in there three people grown up and then the shot in the dark somewhere something else must have happened to triggered the whole thing.

The boy's image in the state of disgrace came to my mind it would not go away. The man having the lay in with some boy. But it could not have been his son?

A shot in the dark perhaps why did not understand was too young.

The ding in my head says and speaks and says that there was something less unpleasant than what had happened. That the wife number two was not allowed to socialise was not a public person she was hidden as a disgrace as eventually she was made brunt of jokes and did not matter as anything but a good lay.

When that happens and which it had the killing began to formulate in her. I thought she would never do it but she had. She must have taken the chopper she must have taken it because who else had the motive and who left it there but the good Samaritan

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