Who Murdered her Husband?

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Chapter 5

Look the grandchildren might be upset because this is a real murder. I am saying their grandmother might have been innocent all along. Because the evidence had been so botched up there might have been a multitude going into the crime scene. In the old days that was how it was bloody done.

The crime was solved everyone else had a alibi and what else do you all want asking for it to be dragged again. A messy business but easy peasy to solve she was going to become homeless as he and she always having rows the whole neighbourhood knew she was not easy to live with and he had a roving eye.

He always went for the one young and she was old as a old. The silly woman thought he would stay with her forever? Why he a man of fortunate circumstances cleaning the Mosque brought in money most men did not have that. He was highly sought after.

"Like silver or chocolates?"

"Of course more so."

"That was nothing they all said he so much in some good fortune went to his head he had got a promotion which meant he could marry someone else as well."

"Another one?"

"He could now afford to."

"What a generous world."

"Much to his misfortune."

When life was never that easy we were in the middle of famine they said. They did not think so had so much to eat it was a god send.

Well all knew that Lefka was spared because the Greeks were nicer than in other parts of Cyprus and we were always nice to the Greeks.

The failed attempts at coup or something did startle us all but we knew how to give as good as we took. We were all ready and we spoke perfect Turkish unlike the rest of Cypriots. We were never modest and we enjoyed to brag. The rest of the Cypriots laughed at us because we had the most murders in the Cyprus. We denied it because the lost wits which were caught all did it for gain.

"They actually throw their fathers outside to beg and do nothing to make them see old age in sense."

"Mother I seen another old beggar who used to live across the road." Zeks hugged Gold and they appeared to be emotional. " I will never let that happen to you."

"No I will see to that."

So Gold threw mother Zeks out as she did not want her to be nesting in her house. Zeks could not work or do anything so she had a point. No extra pair of hands just this thing wanting taxies and all sorts of extras and bringing children into the world.

"Did not throw my daughter out we just didn't have enough to eat."

"So she was left to fend for herself?"

"Such a lazy slut she was."

"Well imagine that."

"What else can a mother do?"

Someone called the wicked bitch worked it out. The whole point was that the weak was always to be thrown out making way for the strong. Like plant life the plants which survive make it towards the show the harvest. We all mean a lot in the end we all make lives work for the best of us. But when life is about the strong and not about everyone we lose something more real than our own selves.

"Simple is it not?"

"Nothing of the sort the weak will never survive in the new Universal order we depend on the strong for the power and all that."

"We do not."

"We are the new engineers engineered by them who made us not genius but genocide out of existence."

"Well the thing is we are running out of time."

"That was exactly what they all thought that time was running out and we had to sort out the labour situation or die. We could not have our women work and then not play all night."

"Two wives is most important because one does the work and the other does the play."

"We do what?"

"Labour sorted then we can become the humans rich and powerful."

"We did it to start with then we got them murders."

"Well we are into one of these unpleasant occurrence."

"We had more murders than in films. The system is not working."

"Where is your father he will put pepper into your mouth do not you understand?"

"Go and understand yourself."

"Sit on your potty."

"Most definitely not...." And there it came the thought sat on the potty immediately.

"There feels better does it not?"

There is tears coming from my eyelids.

Then the alibis and all sorts of stuff and then the stuffy notions that the woman was innocent and indeed could have been just played with. One of the boys shot himself why?

"He could not bear to live with the shame?"


"Because he delicate?"

"No he was not he was almost a man. "

"But he had emotional problems."

"His emotions were not upset on that day he appeared to be alright he just said he sad."

"So what upset him afterwards?"

"Look get off you rotten brat."

"He had blood on his ..."

"Never mind supper time."

No one listens to me I thought as I ate my supper.

His mother the woman the wife the titles she had now gone lost forever. She now gone and that is a disgrace why the silence what got us into a rage where is the story who got lost in something?

"Listen to this story and this story and until you do nothing to eat okay." Said Zeks in some heat. She disliked me she did indeed she asked better from life and what had she landed with? The disdain she showed us all and then we did not matter to each other she had gone too far.

Who thought she would have her house back. Because usually stored safely now out in the open. Then the usual thing happens when someone is disgraced, The depravity got lost the depravity of making a innocent woman stay in jail forever and silenced for whatever reason is the insane.

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