Who Murdered her Husband?

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Chapter 8

There was a veranda on the terrace with the walk way very tidy and mature with the orange trees and the lemon smells which wafted there. It was a mini paradise. Why take away the veranda was a issue a tissue of lies which settled the old score.

"Supply me with the details?"

"Well it is poor the people in it are all mad and they were good stock but have climbed down instead of up."

"What made them so mad?"

"They did not think much about it. They had their problems shared out before. If you want to know briefly glance through the case notes. The perusal will take a couple of years."

"Why was the veranda haunted?"

"They died while praying most indecent thing to have done. Their lives taken when in prayer well that was that."

Their chants drove everyone who heard it commit a murder.

"Did you hear the chant ?" Asked Zeks.

"No mother." I lied.

They were ghosts what harm could they do?

"The veranda has to come down."

Middle class man and woman praying together. Which was against the law of modesty. Maybe that was the reason they were killed.

In this old paradise there walked and prayed ghosts. A walking tour meant the ghostly talks and all that which came from the ground not far from the graveyard. Because the ghosts were always praying they were thought to be harmless. Most of the time they were do not escape the word most.

They appeared to be unsettled the people who saw them. Most of the time not nervy people would get in a stew when they upset. The ghosts were speaking something which meant they were not right in their attitude they went and prayed to the usual Mecca but what had happened?

The Imam's assistant's wife her name unpronounceable. Do not make me say it means poison so do not say it. The woman said on the last three days the ghosts had taken over her and drew her to do something strange beneath herself as if they drawing her into a eye or something.

Her name was Emine the same thing happened the poison thoughts and feelings add to her madness made her into this hellish weeping woman. She wept throughout there was no getting any sense in her.

"All dead." I saw her face express.

She followed the eye and she did as they said she followed the eye and did what she was doing that day. She did not mean to do it but she did. She just did as she was told the instrument of God.

He had sinned and he had sinned and their children's lives and souls were in trouble. She looked a bit strange at the world absentminded as if she was about to destroy the very foundation of her life. She did she do it just said as much but why she do it because the ghosts told her to.

The ghosts do not speak they always praying have no time." I swore they did not. But none of them wise people agreed with me. The ghosts might have thought that the man's sin should be purified. But how?

"But the ghosts in some limbo while they were praying they were killed so they in something called the time shift and cannot bridge the gap from their own self devotions."

"How do you know this did they say so?"

"They do not seek anyone."

"Look child go out and prey on someone else."

I banged the door shut.

Everything in my face too without much shame and they did nothing but blame the worst possible innocent and honest people. I sat down in some state and asked the lord for some guidance.

Mistakes you made a mistake there was nothing but goodness there.

"Mum there was always something terrifying there."

"The veranda was pulled down." She said. "The ghosts were dead and in some other hole they had nowhere to hide."

"Like bats they had to go?"

"What no where to would they go?"

"They went to auntie Pink that is when she moved out of her room?"

"That was because of the fire she started."

"She did not you made her start the fire."

Mother spanked me.

I rushed towards Z. She was crawling in the wrong direction. I had to run faster and faster to catch up with her because her grandma disliked her being over there.

"You approaching madness?"

"No way ma."

"All this is nasty business. We all lived next to each other and all of us had our deaths."

I shivered and the sun was blazing doing a balancing act on my bare skin.

The ghosts the ghostly smell the stench which maddened us all. The thing was we were all going mad slowly but I was running towards the whole lottery of insanity.

"I do not approve of them ghostly presence."

"Yes mum."

"They should pay rent." She smiled nervously.

Then she went out with her current boy friend when she came back Gold had one of her turns and threw the baby upside down and killed her. Just like a chicken really that was what Gold said that the child was as it got loose she had to deal with it.

"I have nothing no life she takes it into her head she a woman now wandering around and round. Look what she made me do."

I was weeping silently.

"Why are you weeping? Do you need something?"

"No I don't."

"So unlike you are you sickening for something why are you in a corner?"

I did not know how to say it.

When appeared the couple who seem to be the only people who were acting no

The failings of idiot parents and extended families cannot be over stated. When a grandmother such as Gold who had incest who had seen such hardship now in charge of us all. God help us not to make the same mistakes.

"She only moved and went aside." I tried to explain but mother looked so sad unhappy distraught. I had never known how much she had loved Z. She had been a baby a toddler but now she was dead. We all cried in some sorrow but during the day mother said she would be revenged.

The gleam in her eye told me not to complain I cowered in a corner, There did not seem anything else to be done.

I went to dig the grave but there was a grave digger came and took the shovel and said no need.

I was surprised because usually everything was done on the cheap but now they were sparing no expense.

I did not fall down dead but there was something approaching dread. Poverty and sham the existence of the damned and lives lost and never found.

Sometimes there was rustling and the voices of prayer damned the people it was like who heard the bell toll. The very thought of that position but this was not a mountain no need to climb down or up just stay level. We in there whole cursed to be our own true selves if we developed into something worse we drop dead.

"Dad did not drop down dead and he got terrible in the end."

"He doesn't believe in it."

"Well I sure do."

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