Who Murdered her Husband?

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Chapter 9

Do something else do something less interesting to you. Your whole life just flashed before your eyes and there is now nothing to see but that.

The see through life which I led made me half empty and there was no more full up. My stomach told on me constantly grumbling because of course I have sickle cell. This meant I felt things as if they not mine own. The whole world would drop by and I would feel them one by one. " Do not do that that is rude."

"Grandmother there is nothing I can do."

"Concern yourself with such matters as is useful for your future employment."

Grand gestures.

"What has happened to you?"

"I am being silly grandma."

"See sense and we would get on."

"Really because having three grandmothers even four is pretty confusing."

"Life is like that.."

"Is it a puzzle?"

"The picture one does not know or see until with God."

"God is wrong."

"Wipe your mouth."

"Yes grandma."

"Now run along and play because the woman question bothering you must go."

"But that is wrong."

"No it is called survival."

"See they have come."

The baby had been forgotten and mother Zeks had brought a replacement. Another baby Z and this was about the same. She had scratches on her face and she got on along screaming and doing more racket than the other did when even in pain.

"Good that is good now I must go." Grandmother did nothing to say that grandma Gold had not done right. They had made a error of judgement because they included in nursing her. Everything hedged on them being able to live life and make the right decisions one false move and they could be evicted by the Mosque.

They had lost the house to Emine and her family now it could be done again. The Mosque elders were very strict on mortgages and re mortgages and if one did not pay it off then they would take it away.

"Yes sure."

"Seems to be doing well?"

"Well of course she is insensitive."

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