Gail break

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A young girl who is 12 years old and her mom went to prison for know reason what, let’s see what happens.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I peeped through the kea hole and I was thinking what is my mom doing drinking.
“Hi darling, what are you here for.” She says looking confused,
“Well... um... I was just about to go in,” I said in fast words. I walked to my room with a nervous face on. I was thinking that am I doing the right thing to do, lying to my mom. I sat down on my bed all upset, when I suddenly heard my mom’s footsteps coming into my room, I wiped my tears away and well she came in all upset.
“What’s wrong mom,” I said anxiously.
“Well they may of fired me,” I ran downstairs in tears and said hi to my puppy Lola(she always makes me feel better). For several hours playing with Lola; I started to feel better. My mom came downstairs and came over.

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