Success Is Not Everything (Story of a bachelor boy)

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This is the story of a boy named Satya who is a Bachelor. In his professional life, he was reaching the heights of success much higher than the people of his age. He was very sensitive since childhood. In a way, he achieved what he wanted with his hard work and dedication. But presently he was not happy, because he did not know whether he wanted only this in his life or anything else? Because of this, even after being so successful, everything started to be wasted. Even what was right for him, what was wrong, he was not able to make a difference. But he realized that there was a lack of mother in his life, who had passed in his childhood. Without knowing of right or wrong, Satya was trying hard to find his mother. But it is said that no matter where the mother lives, she always takes care of her children. She takes them on the right path and in this story something similar happens with Satya and finally the smile comes back in his life.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Every human being needs someone’s support. Because we are all emotionally connected in a society in some way or the other.

For some reason, any of us may feel hurt. They may be mentally disturbed. If someone falls alone in such a situation, then

They get badly trapped in the trap of this problem and slowly go into depression. If they do not get any emotional support from anyone, they can also try to end their life.

But here comes another problem, who cares about others in this busy and showy world. Now-a-days, humanity is slowly disappearing. We are caught in the cycle of false pride and hypocrisy of life. We have forgotten that we have some responsibilities towards humanity. Everyone has their own problems. Even the people of our family have gone too far in today’s life.

This story is about Satya, who is a Bachelor. Despite everything in his professional life, he used to feel alone himself. He was bored with his daily life routine. Satya had a friend in his office, “Manas”, who always supported Satya.

Satya said with a little irritation, “You don’t think we are living life like a donkey.”

Manas asked, “Why ? what happened dude. Don’t get so upset.”

Both were walking in the evening with gossip in the nearby market after office and looking for something to eat. Then Manas got his eye on the Tandoori Chicken Shop.

Manas said, ”Satya chal aaj tandoori chicken faadate hain.”

Speaking of this, both of them went inside the shop. Manas ordered tandoori chicken and two cold drinks, and then sat opposite each other.

Satya was thinking something deep and then suddenly says, “Man! We have given the important time of our life in the name of this company. The whole day goes out in the office. There is a time to come, but there is no time to go. Arrive at the room at night and go to sleep taking a peg of whisky. Next morning again office. I’m bored of this life.”

My friend! Life is ruined”

Manas kept his hand on his shoulder and said, “Friend! You are not alone in this world, there are others like you with whom this is happening. Don’t take tension, you eat chicken. Go to the room and have a big peg, everything will be alright. ”

Satya shook his head and said, ”hunnnnnn"

After that he picked up a leg piece of chicken and squeezed it in a single bite.

Chicken’s soul shouted and started saying, ”Satya Bhaiya, “why are you venting the anger of the office on me? ”

Then he put a straw in a cold drink and made a loud noise like …..surrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Taking a burp, Satya said, “Dude, now it’s a little better.”

Although ,Satya is right here . We do not have time to think how we live in today’s fast life. What is right for us? What is wrong? Just keep searching for a few moments of happiness . In this busy life we do not have time for ourselves. We also want everything fast. Everyone wants to get it soon. Don’t know where to go after that.

Manas kept listening to Satya. He knew that by eating , Satya would calm down. Because there is no permanent solution of this problem. After a while they finished the chicken.

Manas teases Satya and said, “Good bye friend ! Let’s meet you again on Monday in this colorless life.”

Satya smiled and said, “Yes! This Fu ** ing Life.”

OK! bye.

And both of them went their own ways.

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