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Success Is Not Everything (Story of a bachelor boy)

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Fun with Cocktail and Guitar

Fun with Cocktail and Guitar

Satya then lived in a PG in Gurgaon. There were many types of Bachelor boys in PG. Some engineers, some call center boys and lawyers, people from different business. Satya lived in a single room. Next to his room was another single room in which a driver lived. He used to drive in a call center. His name was Ramesh. Ramesh was very impressed with Satya. Both were friends.

After some time, Satya reached PG from office.

After going fresh in his room, he turned on the TV, then his neighbor Ramesh knocked the door .

Satya shouts a voice from inside, “Who?

The driver says, “Sir! Ramesh.

Satya slowly opens the door.

How are you sir ? What is happening ? Is it too hot today?

Satya speaks, “Just great man! I have just come from office. Yes, it is hot today.

After seeing the unexpected smile on the driver’s face, Satya asked, “Ramesh bhai! What’s the matter, you look very happy today?”

Ramesh, “Yes sir! I am very happy today. There will be a party today.”

Satya, “What has happened?

Ramesh smiled and said, “Today the lottery is done sir, just don’t ask.”

Satya was surprised and asked, “Lottery?”

Ramesh, “The stock market deal that I did last night, it has earned 2500 rupees today.

Satya, “Okay! Then what is the delay, today there should be a bumper party.

Ramesh, “Yes sir. I was waiting for you, let’s just walk in a little while.”

Satya, “Let’s go in half an hour.

Satya and Ramesh used to do like this often.

Ramesh used to come to his room . He was very fond of speaking English. He was a resident of Gurgaon. Seeing Satya talking in English on the phone, he also wanted to speak in English like him, so he would learn to speak English to Satya intermittently and also talk to Satya in his broken English.

After about half an hour both Satya and Ramesh exited the PG for the party. Two PG friends were there out side of PG. They asked Ramesh, “Where are you going, brother?”

Ramesh was a little social guy and was cheerful person. He said to both, “We are going to party, will you?”

The boys said, “What party?

Oh, dude ! offcourse Daru party ! apart from this which party is in our life. Let’s have fun.

Both of them also became ready.

They all go to the nearest wine shop and sit in its’ yard . They order food and beer. They booked the seat near a small tree. Sitting on it, They slowly started getting into the mood of the party and started entertaining each other with their own past. All were from different occupations, so they had no shortage of topics and material to talk . They continue to entertain each other. After a while, waiter comes along with their food stuff and chilled beers.

Then Satya said, “Brother, the throat is getting dry. First, take a beer and then talk.

Everyone picked up a bottle of beer and started drinking by speaking cheers.

After a while, They were in full party mood and those people got into the competition to empty the bottle of beer. There was no limit now.

Everyone picked up a bottle of beer and started by speaking cheers.

After a while, the intoxication of the party started climbing on them and they were vying to empty the beer bottle. There was no limit now.

They all started emptying beer bottles one after the other, according to their capacity.

“Let’s see who finishes how many of the bottles”, Such atmosphere created among them.

In this way, they finished about 15–16 bottles.

It was almost 9 o’clock in the night.

Ramesh said, “Sir, let’s get a little cocktail? Satya was completely full. He said,” No Dude! Now a sip cannot go inside. I finished three bottles in this competition.

Ramesh said, “Sir, please get the name of my lottery a little today.”

Satya agreed. They ordered whiskey and started drinking cocktails. Everyone was enjoying after drinking cocktails. Gradually, all the materials for their talk were over. Now none of them was saying anything. It seemed that as if something had to be done, now that work is over. Now no one seems to understand what to do after that.

Then Satya said, “Ramesh it is enough, now we should walk to our PG.

Ramesh said, “Ok sir! As you wish.

After paying the bill, all of them walked towards PG with their faltering steps. All were going silently as if a mission had ended and all were exhausted.

After the paved road, they resorted to the park to take a direct shortcut route to PG and were going on the grass from the middle of the park towards PG. There was dark .

Satya said, “You guys have to be careful, it is dark.

Then a dog stood in the park to give the salute. Considering any thieves or unknown people, he came in their way and started Barking loudly.

Ramesh stood in front of Dog and spoke to him in the same tone, and said, “Brother, what has happened to you? What have we done to you, that you are standing on our way in this way and are barking. What do you want?

Satya said, “Brother, keep him engage a little longer and so that we can get ahead. I am very scared of Dogs.

Ramesh said, “Oh sir! Nothing will happen. You go , this is my friend.”

He starts talking fondly to Dog. Satya, after crossing Dog, turns back and says, “Ramesh dude! You always start anywhere. ”

He made a loud voice, “Ramesh Brother ! come and leave him.

When he saw that Ramesh was coming, He walked towards PG. All go to the dining area in PG and sit here and there.

There was a different atmosphere in the dining area. All were enjoying Bigg Boss after having dinner.

Ramesh loved Bigg Boss a lot. Ramesh also joined them.

A small team of Bigg Boss was also ready there in dining hall. Everyone had their own favorite contestants. All of them were making noise by arguing with each other about their favorite contestants. Sometimes they all fell silent and made the dining room a silent room.

Satya did not have much interest in watching Bigg Boss. He went towards his room on the first floor.

As soon as he reaches the gallery on the first floor, there was a sound of people laughing loudly from a room in the last corner. That room was of Rohit. He was a civil engineer. Satya used to talk to him occasionally and smoked cigarettes with him in the balcony sometimes.

Satya goes near to room and knock the door slowly.

Seeing Satya, Rohit said with a welcome, “Satya brother! How are you? Come on and enjoy it.”

Satya looked inside, there was a party atmosphere . News paper was spread on the bed, lots of snacks were scattered on it.

A bottle of Blender Pride adorned the entire atmosphere like a tower in the middle. Rohit and some of his friends, all together were diving into the sea of ​​fun. Satya also sat with him for a while, as he did not feel like going to his room yet.

Seeing all this, Satya said, “Rohit ! Fun is going on?”

Rohit, “Weekend celebration brother. You too get started.

Satya, “Sorry man! I’m already full. I won’t take anything.”

Rohit said, “Will you have fun without it in Bachelor Life? Please, you have to take a peg!

Everyone shouted yes in a tone and said, “Yes brother, this is not fare.

Satya said,” Okay!

Slowly the party started going on. Satya had reached his full mood. All were almost at their peak level and engaged in entertaining each other.

Satya saw the guitar near a friend of Rohit and said, “Whose guitar is this?

Rohit pointed to a friend and said, “This guy plays tremendous guitar.”

Satya said, “Oh wow! It’s good . Let something begin.”

Rohit’s friend Dishant immediately picked up his guitar and started humming a song .

Slowly, all of them started singing loudly in high voice and got lost in the tune of the guitar.

Dishant enchanted everyone with his guitar.

After a while, Dishant suddenly stopped the guitar and said to Rohit, “I sing a my favorite song. This song is written by my mother. He gets very emotional saying it.”

Dishant said, “My father passed away in my childhood. My mother used to tell me the same song whenever I spoke about my father. This song means a lot in my life. I want to recite that song to all of you today. if you allow?

Satya said, “Oh wow! What are you talking about, dude? Please continue.

Everyone agreed to listen.

Dishant starts the song and as soon as he starts humming, everyone’s hair gets up and Dishant drowns in the memory of his mother, while chanting the song.

He closed his eyes, his fingers were moving on the guitar on his own, as if he practiced a lot . He was playing the guitar without a guitar pick. Whenever there was a high tone in his songs, then there would be a different passion inside Dishant’s body. Everyone sitting there was feeling his pain and his attachment to this tune. Everyone got emotional. Even before the song was over, Dishant’s nail started to bleed a little, but no one stopped him. They were thinking that let’s complete him the song first, otherwise his feelings will be hurt. The song is finished. Dishant stopped playing guitar and said, “This is a song written by my mother.”

Everyone clapped loudly. Satya said to Dishant, “Dude!Blood has come out in your finger.

Dishant said, “Yes! But Satya bhai, this pain is not greater than that pain.

It was almost 1 o’clock in the night. All were lost in fun. It was weekend time, nobody was feeling sleepy. No one was getting ready to get up from there.

Rohit gives Dettol to Dishant and said, “what a lovely and emotional song! Put it on your finger, blood flow will stop. Really friends ! God has put a chip of this emotion inside all of us and we are immersed in emotions. It is a strange feeling.

Then Satya started his favorite topic. He said, ”Dude! I don’t understand what this world is? Who created the universe? Why was the universe created? Why was it needed? and if it was created, why doesn’t the creator come before us?”

Rohit smiled and said, “It seems that Satya is too drunk today?

Satya also responded with a smile, “Yes, it is definitely a bit much, but there is complete consciousness, do not worry.”

Rohit also got a little serious about this topic, and said, “Satya! This topic is a bit complicated. If we discuss it, then the whole life will be lost in understanding it.You must have seen, a lot of things have been written in science about the universe. Sometimes science tells spiritual as false, sometimes spiritual tells science as false, but the truth is that till date no person has come forward who can solve this mystery.

Satya agrees with Rohit and says, “Sometimes I think, this universe is just like we play a game on our computer screen. We build a game on our computer. In that There are a lot of characters.

The environment around them is developed and where they have to go, we take them with the help of command.In the same way, it seems that this whole universe is also a computer game made by someone and someone is playing a video game with it.

We hear and read lot of books and texts , but nowhere is a satisfactory answer. After all, who is God? If God is there then why did he make us?

Then Dishant interrupted Satya and said, “May be God created us because God was alone. God gets strength when we worship him.”

Satya, while cutting Dishant’s talk, said, “That means, God was alone, so he made everyone and we all come into this world and become partners of wrong or right things.It is heard that every person living life on this earth is kept account of good and bad deeds. They are punished according to their good and bad deeds. They are sent to heaven or hell? But till today I have not understood that when God has made us for himself then why did he see our good and bad deeds . He has created everything. Made someone good, Made someone bad.

Dude! It becomes so complicated and I become confused.

And other side when I think let’s assume that there is no God, I still get upset somewhere.

Because when I start thinking about the structure of my body. So it is understandable that there are so many activities of our body that are beyond our comprehension.

After all, what are these cells in our body? Where did they come from? Who made them? How does our brain operate the whole body? How do the engines inside our belly operate on their own? How our heart beats itself After all, there is someone Who designed all this.

If we think a little more, it shows that any two living things in the world are not the same. Do not know how many millions of human beings are on this earth, but no human being is completely the same.Their facial recognition is completely different. What is this ? How did all this happen? Who made all this?

Let’s go a little further on how boys and girls are born? The X-X and X-Y chromosomes are responsible for all that, We have read it in science, but the process of meeting of X-X and X-Y chromosomes is very complicated.

Then I am forced to believe that there is someone behind it. Whom we can call God.

But the question is why he does not come to the fore. Why don’t we all see it? If we don’t have the ability to see him, then why doesn’t he show us that I am here?

Anyone have any answer for this? Ever since life started, no one has been able to tell what this is all about? Why does this happen?

Rohit said, “Yes Dude! In many stories, I have heard that God does not meet the simple way. One has to concentrate. But no one was found who could convince us that God is found here. This is way , how you get him. He always described that path as difficult.”

Suddenly there is silence in the whole room. It seemed as if everyone’s talk was over and everyone was tired of arguing.

Then Satya broke the silence and said, “I do not understand that whoever comes and goes on that path, who sees to God with the desire of his mind, why does he not research on it and make that path so simple that even ordinary people like us can see it and understand it. But not happens like that.

This means that it will continue to be the subject of faith . All these things always keep me confused.

If We do not get answers of all these, what is the meaning of life? Man does not know why he is living? If he has come here? What is his motive? Has come for a few days and will die again and does not know where he will go after leaving his family?

What will his family do after he leaves?

Rohit said in favour of Satya, ” Dude! In this life, a human cannot find the answer to all these things.”

Satya continued , ” After the death, does the soul get any power. So that he can fly anywhere? Can go anywhere? Can someone hang on a tree? Can penetrate inside one’s body? It is heard that there is also such a holy spirit that can go directly to heaven. ”

Satya was not finished yet, he said, “As we take the name of magic, the work of science gets spoiled. Because it cannot be seen, cannot be heard. But it cannot be denied, because We hear about black magic. If there is magic, then there will be faith. Ghost and god too.

Dishant broke this atmosphere and said, “Brother! Now you guys stop arguing with this topic. All my intoxication has gone, man. You all drink one more peg and go to sleep. Leave all this on God.

Everyone started laughing, Sathya said, ” sorry dude. I had gone to deeply.

Rohit, “Ok ! Make a Last Peg.

After drinking the last peg, Satya goes to sleep in his room.

It was quite a night by then. Satya kept thinking about Dishant’s song. After a while, he started thinking about his mother.

He makes a trap in his mind of lot of questions and answers and gets trapped himself into it . It happens often with him, when he was alone, so he could not sleep properly at night.

After a long while thinking,he falls asleep .

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