Success Is Not Everything (Story of a bachelor boy)

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Ok! But Never Again

The next day Satya could not get up at the time for office in the morning. He decided that he would not go to office today. He messaged the boss, “I’m not well and not coming today in office.”

After a while Satya got a call from Manas, Manas asked, “What happened Satya? Did not come to office today?”

Satya said, “Dude! Just don’t ask . Manas, I want to say something to you.

Manas said,” Yes, tell me.

Sathya said, “I want to be with you. Will you make me your room mate?

Manas said to him,” No problem brother, just leave your PG and come to me today evening. ”

Satya said, “All right.

In the evening , Satya packed his luggage and went to Manas room. On seeing Satya, Manas said, “Hi Satya, come in, now we will have fun. Now both of us have become roommates.”

Satya kept the bag and said to Manas, “Dude just don’t ask, how was my last night.I could not sleep all night. I kept thinking all night. Don’t know what things keep going in the mind. ”

Saying this, Satya lit a cigarette. Manas said to Satya, “Everything else is fine, but where this smoke will take you in your life, I do not know. Leave it as soon as possible.”

Sathya said, “Oh man! Life is boring, if I leave it, what will I do in life.”

Both Satya and Manas started living like roommates. Satya was upset with the life of his daily routine so he thought of having some fun in life.

One day in the weekend, he said to Manas, “Manas! Let’s go to the pub.”

Manas said with surprise, “What, pub ?

Yes dude! Don’t worry, there is nothing in life, Enjoy it.

Manas said, “No-No and where did you suddenly think of going to the pub?

Satya told Manas, “You remember two months ago I went to Kolkata for a project.

Manas put a little emphasis on the mind and said, “Yes ! so what happened? What is the relation between pub nad your Kolkata trip?”

Sathya said, “you know what I saw when I reached Kolkata?

Manas asked, “See what?

Satya started telling the story of his Kolkata trip to Manas...

He said, “I was quite tired from the day’s journey so wanted to get to the hotel as soon as possible. I took the cab from Kolkata Airport and asked to go straight to the hotel. It was 9:00 in the night. I was familiar with one place there , Park Street. So I booked a room in a hotel there.

On the way, I saw, there was an electoral atmosphere all around. There was a discussion of conflict between the two parties. After being disturbed by the silence for a while, the driver of my cab said to me, “Sir, you know , my favourate party will win in this election. See , I have my favourate party’s flag in my car.”

I had no particular interest in politics. But to break the silence, I also supported him and said, “Why do you think so?

He gave a lot of arguments. I did not understand much. His argument did not end until we reached Park Street. He tried to explain all the electoral issues very well, but all the things went over my head. Maybe I did not have interest in it. Just understood that his favourate party can win .

We reached Park Street after hot discussion about election . He read the name of the hotel and said, “Sir! we have arrived.”

I told him, “Thank you brother! You know a lot about politics.

He laughed and said, “Oh! no sir, many types of people meet every day so I know a little bit too.Ok sir !bye! ”

I said, “Okay brother, good night!”

After that I reviewed the surroundings. The lights were illuminating all around, lighting the beauty of the place. Girls and Boys were standing there in small-2 groups doing gossip and were busy in their different activities. It seemed that the party had just started.

I went inside the hotel. I felt different as soon as I entered. I felt where I have come? Is this a hotel or a disco? Actually , as it seemed to me , there were pub facilities inside the hotel on the ground floor.

The music of pubs started echoing in my ears. There was a crowd of boys and girls. I went to the entrance lobby, ignoring the crowd . At the reception there, I checked my booking.

Giving me the key of my room, the receptionist said, “Back, left and up to stair.”

I went to my room and quickly put my luggage . After washing face , and changing the clothes, I returned to the lobby area again. I could listen disco music in the lobby.

Teenagers Girls and Boys were walking around in their favorite modern dress, dressing up and preparing to go to the disco. All they were getting fun of smoking and chilled beer. I too grabbed a beer bottle and sat on a couch in a corner. There was a different atmosphere, I visited such hotel for the first time in life. It was a great feeling. For a moment, but the mind was getting very relaxed.

That place seemed to me no less than a dream world. It seemed as if all the youth of the city want to enjoy their whole life today in their modern dress or in their favorite dress. It seemed as if today’s life is life, enjoy it, do not know if it is tomorrow or not. I was also lost in a world of dazzling atmosphere and glitter.

I forgot that I have not eaten anything since noon. I forgot my tiredness. I did not feel like going to my room. If this atmosphere was in the entrance lobby, what would happen inside the pub? In truth, such a life attracts the people . Who wouldn’t want to live such a life? I do not know how good or bad it is. After getting lost in the fun, my conscience asked me to go from there, but my body was humming to the tune of the music. But there was a voice coming from my conscience that I should walk from here, so I went to my room.

Asked for dinner and slept comfortably after having dinner as I had to get up in the morning the next day. There was my flight in the morning for Delhi.

I came back to Delhi.

But man, I want to live that life. I too have to see all that. I want to feel pub life. What is kept in this boring life Brother . let’s go to pub once . I am afraid to go alone there .If you are there, we will see that world together and Will have fun. ”

In this way Satya requested a lot from Manas to go to the pub. He was happy after a long time after visiting the hotel in park street at Kolkata. He began to like the pub environment. A world of glitter and dazzle of pub had settled in his mind.

Manas again refuses after hearing his Kolkata talk. And said, “No brother! I can’t go to disk.”

Satya said, “You swear on my friendship. Come for me dude. I want to see what the pub is like.”

Manas agreed to walk after his stubbornness. He told Satya, “I will only go once with you and tell you in advance that I have never been to the pub till date. So I have no idea of there.”

Satya became happy. Both left the room for pub . He had many questions going on in his mind.

Manas was thinking, “Are we really going to disk? Why are we doing this? In the confusion of all these questions and answers, they both reach the pub after about one hour.

Both of them had no idea about the pub, what happens after going there? how they talk? So both of them afraid of how they would handle it. Both of them were a little shy, they had no relation with such lifestyle. Both of them were standing 30 feet away from the entrance gate of the pub and guessing it. Neither of the two had the courage to go there and ask for tickets.

For a while, They kept looking at the pub entry from a distance and kept looking at the couple.

Then Manas said to Satya, “Dude! Let’s have icecream?”

Satya said to Manas, making mouth like ”BHATOORA, “Go, you eat and AANKHEN SEKATE RAHNA BAS , Apart from this nothing will happen to you. Saaaale ....”

Satya stutteringly silenced Manas. Satya said, “You stay here, I come to find out, what is the big thing in this?”

Satya widens his chest slightly and goes towards the pub entry. Seeing his move, Manas is clearly aware that Satya is getting nervous from inside. As soon as Satya stood at the entry gate, He saw the beautiful girls standing there . Those beautiful girls like Snow break his confidence, His chest shrunk and started sweating on his face.

The pub girls, upon seeing Satya, asked, “Hi sir, may i help you?

Satya panicked and said , “no, no, its ok! Fine!”

And after changing his direction, he comes back to Manas. As soon as he reaches Manas, he feels a little better, takes a deep breath and pushes Manas and said, “Hey dude, you go there and find out how much money does it cost per person ?”

Manas said, ”Abe Saaaale! Why should I go? Are you bursting? why do not you go ?”

Satya said while requesting, “Yes brother! I am bursting, now go and talk please .

I become the goat of the sacrifice always. Saying this, Manas arrives at the pub reception, and said in his faltering words, “Excuse me ma’am?”

The answer came, yes please.

Manas asked, “How much is the entry fee to go to the pub.”

The pub girl said, “Five Hundred per person only. But only couples are allowed.

On hearing this, Manas surprised and said, “couples?

The pub girls said, “Yes, only couples are allowed.”

Manas looked at Satya with a failure. Satya understood the whole thing by looking his face like BHATOORA.Satya again widens his chest and goes to Manas as if his presence alone is enough to get his entry into the pub.

Satya said to Manas, “Tell me what is the matter?

O friend! Madam is saying, there will be no entry without a couple.

Now Satya became a bit paranoid. Manas could see a clear sadness on Satya’s face. Manas comforted Satya and said, do not worry, will do something.

Just then, a boy in black paint and shirt went to the reception and whispered something to the girls. Satya still had some hope and looked at the pub boy. Not knowing what the pub boy thought, he came straight to Satya and Manas and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Satya said, “Dude ! our whole mood is exhausted. we came here in mood to enjoy the pub. She is taking 500 rupees per head and couple entry is allowed only? what will happen with us batchlers. We do not have rights to have fun in pub? ”

Satya threw out his entier feeling in front of that pub boy. He told the whole problem in one breath as if someone had put a hand on his aching vein.

After listening to the whole thing, the pub boy said, “Listen, give both of you 500 rupees only. It is my responsibility to enter you inside the pub.”

Satya said, “But what about couple ?

The pub boy waved Satya’s shoulder and said, “Brother, leave it on me. When I will give you a sign , then you guys come and go in.”

Satya quickly gave him 600 rupees in total and went a side to wait for the pub boy’s call. Now Satya’s mind was relaxed. Satya said to Manas brother, “This boy was right person. He solved the problem.”

Manas said, “You do not need to be very emotional. it could be that this is their daily work or the way to make the customer?”

Satya said, “Brother whatever, Just got work done.”

Satya was having curiosity and asked to manas , “Dude! will have fun of ”KANTAA LAGAA" same like in the movies?” and lot of smile was there on his face.

Manas said, “Brother they will put a stamp on your hand as a proof, people will know that we went to the pub.”

Satya said, “Dude! I am very excited. I want to know what happens in the pub?”

Manas said, “Wait a little. Now you have already paid. Our number will come in a while.”

In this way both were waiting impatiently. They sometimes looked towards the entrance, sometimes was looking the bouncer standing outside the pub. Satya asked Manas, “What is the job of a bouncer here?

Manas said, “By the way, I don’t know anything special, but I think they will help the pub to control the crowd, and one thing if you do something tricky in the pub, they will pick you up and throw you out of the pub.“and thus Manas became serious.

Satya began to imagine that if he made a mistake, these bouncers would grab his collar and throw him out of the pub. Satya was thinking like that , suddenly, the couples started coming in the herd. They were all going to enter one after the other. As if the pub was just waiting for this moment. Nobody was going to ask them, nor was there anyone to interrupt them. The curiosity of both of them started growing. They kept watching, what is happening? Where are all these going? In this way, both of them started watching that pub boy eagerly with whom they had done the deal . After waiting for a while, the pub boy voiced.

Both of them ran to him.

He pushed them vigorously and said, “Go inside with these girls fastly .”

When both Satya and Manas reached at entry gate, a stamp was put on each hands. With this stamp, both enter the pub finally.

Seeing the stamp on his hand, Satya said, “Manas! Is this what we call KANTAA LAGAA?”

Manas said, “Yes, this is the same .

Touching the pub entry stamp on his hand, Sathya said, “Today, I realy enjoyed.”

As soon as he enters inside, Satya sees a beer bar counter in front. A lot of sofas were installed in the side, people were sitting on it and enjoying the drinks slowly with their friends. Smoke rings were flying in the air. In the dim light inside the pub, Satya slowly began to realize a different world.

Satya said to Manas, “Brother, it is good but that’s all in the pub. There is no dancing at all.”

Manas said to Satya, “Let’s sit on the couch, it seems it’s not time yet. We have arrived early”

Satya sits on the couch with Manas. Satya wanted to get to know the pub completely. What is its function? How does it work? In addition to the bar counter and couch from the entry to the right, there was a red carpet-covered floor to the left, which was raised 4 inches above the floor. Satya noticed in the left corner, he saw a music playboy standing on the mezzanine floor with a music instrument waiting for the right time. It seemed As if he had a very old relationship with a music instrument and was fully prepared to carry out his work.

Both of them could not understand what was waiting for them. At that time, inside the pub, some people were sitting on the couch and enjoying their whisky pegs. Some girls were hovering around the dancing floor with their friends. The atmosphere there seemed to be waiting for something.

Satya was getting bored. He went to the bar counter and said, “Two pegs please.”

He started sitting on the couch drinking his peg with Manas and observing the entire pub without talking.

After drinking a ship, he takes a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it . Then A tall wide girl approached Satya and placed her foot on his couch and said, “Hello mister! How are you?”

Satya was surprised, he could not understand whether it was abusive or love. Manas kept watching silently.

Satya tried to ignore this matter with passing a smile and said hello to her. In the next second, the sexy girl Pulled cigarettes from Satya’s mouth. Satya was surprised, He could not understand what to do. He saw, that sexy girl returned cigarette after burning her cigarette and said, “Thanks my dear.”

Satya kept looking at her. Satya took his cigarette and pulled a long puff and closed his eyes . As soon as the eye opened, the sexy girl went missing in a dark corner of the pub.

Satya looked around here and there. She is nowhere to be seen. Manas said, “Dude! how she was gorgeous?”

Satya said, “She looked gorgeous to you . I was feeling that something was going to happen. I was completely scared.”

After almost half an hour, suddenly the couple started coming inside the pub once again.

This time the crowd was not taking the name of stopping. After few minutes, the whole pub was filled with boys and girls.

Seeing all this, Satya said to Manas, “I think , all were waiting for this moment.

Now it was understood that this pub comes in its full fun after 8 PM.

Manas said, “Waw! What atmosphere is there man! Now it will be fun.”

On sight the entire dance floor filled with people. The Music Play Boy began to tread his music. He started playing melodious music one after the other. People slowly started dancing on that music. Seeing all this, Satya’s mind started to rejoice.

Satya wanted to see all this. He started feeling a little differently. He was drowning in that tone. He too grew slowly to a dancing floor after picking up his glass of whisky.

The nature of Manas was slightly different from Satya. He believed in living life by making a balance of everything in his life.

But today he did not want to interrupt his friend Satya at all. He wanted that if Satya will have a little fun, his mood would change and he would avoid getting upset.

So to keep his attention, Manas also went to the dancing floor and stood on one side and started enjoying his peg. Also, he was supporting Satya by showing the hand to him from a distance.

Manas knew that Satya might need him. Manas did not want to let Satya take any wrong step which would cause some trouble. Manas knew that this is our first time, before that we never had any experience of all these things, so Manas was a little cautious and having fun.

By then, Satya was full drunk . When Satya was staggering, Manas used to handle him from behind and make him stand again.

The music play boy was playing non-stop songs continue. The entire dancing floor was filled with couples. Everybody was mad in fun. Satya was also immersed in fun over the music and was copying the dance steps of the nearby couples. After dancing for a while, Satya cames to Manas and clapped with his hand and said, “Hey manas brother! you should do dance too.”

Ant then , He went to the bar counter . Visited the bar counter and demanded another peg. After taking his next peg, he told the bar counter waiters, “Don’t worry about money, There is my friend.”

Manas gives a positive sign with a smile from there to waiters. Satya again goes to the dance floor. Such a continuous fun of Satya continued.

Now It was 11 o’clock in the night, now Manas started worrying a little. Manas was getting a little worried that there might not be too much. So Manas went over the dancing floor, asked Satya, “Dude are you okay?”

At such a high music noise, Satya could not hear anything and he held Manas’s hand and asked Manas to dance, and said, “Enjoy the life my best friend.”

And Satya got overjoyed in his tune. Manas said in Satya’s ear, “with a little attention.

Satya said, “Ok my friend. Don’t worry. Chill. Have fun and he gets lost in the crowd while saying so.”

Manas, after dancing a little, stood up next to the bar counter and started to enjoy hearing music and watching people dancing from a distance. His eyes were continuous on Satya. He was observing Satya from a distance so that he should not face any problem.

After some time Satya comes slowly to Manas and says, ” Friend one more peg plaese. ”

Manas said, “Dude, now let it be. Enough is enough.”

Satya said, “Oh Dude, if you did not drink here in pub , then what you did in life ?”

Manas said, “well, but this is the last peg. ”

Satya said, “Ok! This is the last peg.”

Satya reached the counter with the help of his staggering steps and ordered a last peg. As he tried to lift his peg, two or three glasses placed on the counter fell down and broke down.

Satya said to the bar manager, “Don’t worry manager brother. Don’t worry. This is my friend Manas. He will handle it all.”

And he takes his drink again and goes back to the dancing floor and gets into the dance again. He began to love this environment very much.

Life seemed to be relaxing. He was enjoying it very much.

He does not know how Manas handled that problem. What did he talk to the manager? He was just crushing in his fun. Here the manager imposed a penalty of one thousand. Manas requested the manager, “Brother my friend has drank too much. He has made a mistake.”

The manager said, “I can’t do anything. Don’t know how many people come here. If everyone starts making such mistakes, then we will be empty. ​After all, I too do a job. You have to pay the penalty.

Manas paid a penalty to the manager.

After a while, Manas came to know about a secret. As soon as he came to know this, he rushed to the dancing floor near Satya and while pulling Satya vigorously towards him, said in his ear, “Satya you know, the girl who took a cigarette from you, she Was not a girl. ”

All of Satya’s intoxication subsided and he was surprised and said, “What are you saying?”

Manas said, “I am telling the truth. I came to know from a waiter.

Manas said, “Man, it is too late, I do not know how long this party will run. Now we should go.”

Satya looked around for a while, He din not want to miss any details of there . For a while he started looking around in the pub, how do people come there? How to dress ? How everyone has fallen into their fun. How Play Music By is performing music. How things are arranged there. In what mood are the lights burning there. How pole dancers are looking in that light ? Satya wanted to collect all details in his eyes.

After seeing everything well, Satya said to Manas, “Man! See? What life is this nightlife. Today was fun .”

As soon as he says this, he collapses on Manas’ shoulder. Manas takes him out of the pub with the help of his shoulder slowly. After exiting, he stood on one side of the road and waited for the auto. Manas gets auto in a while. Both of them come to their room by auto. Manas lifts Sathya on his shoulder and brings him to the room and lays him on his bed.

Manas also goes to his bed and falls asleep. Sathya’s sleep is broken at night. He woke up , lit a cigarette and goes to the balcony. Today he was very happy. He was thinking about the party. Suddenly, once the cigarette is finished, he becomes emotional. He gets lost in his childhood memories. Which was often with him. He starts to miss his mother. Who was not in this world.

Satya goes to the drawing room, pick up canvas and painting material and starts making a painting. Painting was his hobby since childhood.

After awhile, Manas wakes up. Manas saw from the bedroom that Satya is doing something in the drawing room. Manas comes to Satya and asks, “Satya! When did you wake up?”

Satya did not reply.

When Manas saw him so engrossed in painting, he also sat near him.

After a while, Manas was no more silent, and he again tried to ask, “Oh Satya! Whose painting are you making? In which you have been lost with delicacy?”

Sathya said, “Oh nothing dude. You will not understand. You go to sleep. After completing the painting, I too will sleep.”

Manas said, “Ok! as you wish. Good night.”

He went to his bed and slept . Once again, Manas’s sleep breaks In night . He saw , Satya was still engaged in making that painting.

Satya had extinguished all the lights, a table lamp hung on the wall, and in that light he was busy making paintings. Manas was watching all that, but he did not interrupt Satya. Because Satya was not ready to tell anything about the painting.

Manas ignores, but he feels a little strange. He starts wondering what has happened to Satya. Somewhere Satya behaves differently from ordinary people. He does not understand much and he falls asleep again.

Night is over . It was almost office time, Manas slowly wakes up and tries to look at the painting made by Satya. A painting on the wall adjoining Sathya’s bed was affixed to cello tape. Manas did not understand anything special in it. Manas went near and tried to see that painting. The painting was made in dark color shade . Its base was prepared with dark green, blue and black colors and it had claw marks in yellow and white color. It was looking an abstract painting.

Manas started to feel a bit strange seeing this painting. He could not understand what Satya wanted to make in this?

Nothing was clear in that painting. Manas decided that he would ask Satya about it.

Alarm woke up Satya too, seeing it was office time, both of them left for office. Manas forgot to ask Satya about that painting.

After the office is over that day, Manas reaches home one hour before Satya , because Satya had a little more work in the office. Manas came to the room and was trying to see and understand that painting again and again.

Now Manas started feeling a little afraid of Satya. He could not understand that a good, well educated boy, what has happened to him?

Why does he not take interest in his job . He likes intoxication and false glitter .

After a while Satya comes to the room. Even before Satya’s arrival, Manas had already ordered food and was waiting for Satya by making a peg on a table.

When Satya reached the room and saw that Manas was already waiting for me by making a peg, he kissed Manas in cheek and said, “Wow my friend! you have done all this, now will have fun .” ”

Manas asked to Satya , “That is all right. Tell me that the work in the office is all right?

Satya said, “Dude don’t ask about that f u **i n g life. Just going on some way.”

As soon as he opened the shirt button, he sat in front of Manas on the couch and picked up his peg and said, “Friend! Cheers, name of the pub fun . They took their peg and Manas asked Satya, “Can you tell what you have tried to make in this painting?

Satya said, “Dude, what will you do knowing?

Manas said, “I just want to know what you made in this painting? Because I am getting lost in another world by seeing this painting. Please can you tell me, If you don’t mind?”

Satya said if you want to know , then listen. “I got a little emotional last night. I started missing my mother. Brother ! Sometimes it feels like there is nothing in life. Sometimes feeling so lonely. ”

Satya said again, “I am living life, no one is going to ask, what am I doing? What am I doing for? Why am I doing it? I can’t show someone. I was thinking same last night and Was upset, so I made this painting with the mother in mind. I feel that the mother is somewhere around me.”

He said that the white claw mark in this painting, which is a reflection of my childhood and the big claw sign in yellow color is a reflection of my father and the claw sign next to it , Which is very foggy, which you will understand when you look carefully, it belongs to my mother. Which has vanished from my life.”

While explaining about the painting, Satya got a tear in his eyes and went into another mood.

Manas said, “Dude! The meaning of your painting is so deep. I was a little scared. Okay tell me, how old were you when your mother passed away? ”

Just five years old. (And then Satya gets up from there and goes away)

Satya was always looking for his mother in his conscience. He was alone from inside. He had his father in his house, who lived in the village. His elder brother and sister were married. All were busy in their families.

He used to think about his mother and did not sleep till very late at night. Somewhere there was a lack of love in his life, which made him hollow inside.

Whatever, his job life was deteriorating over time. His mind was gradually moved towards pubs and intoxicants. Gradually, Satya’s lifestyle had gone to a different world.

There was no stopping him. Manas was his friend who tried to convince him, but he too had a limit.

Manas tried to explain it to him. He told Satya, “This pubs and intoxicants are all right for sometimes, but it is not our life. It is not all real life.”

But Satya had a fascination with the world of dazzling, So now he started making new friends with whom he could have all these fun. Manas did not like this habit. But Satya was beginning to find everything useless in front of pubs, addicts and fun.

But Satya was so immersed in this lifestyle that he could not see right or wrong. Anyway, there was no responsibility in his life. Neither was he afraid of losing anything nor to gain anything.

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