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Horror Story at Midnight

Horror Story at Midnight

Satya had a habit that troubled Manas. He was interested in listening and telling the story of ghosts at night. He used to ask Manas to tell him something about ghosts. Manas always refuse and saying, “I have never met ghosts.”

But Satya still did not leave him. Satya used to narrate the incident that happened in his life and Manas had to listen.

Satya once frightened Manas. Once in the night, Satya’s sleep was broken. He had a habit of smoking. He took out the cigarette under his pillow in the dark and lit it.

He tried to awake Manas, he gave voice to him. Manas sleep’s broke down . Manas also got up and sat down.

Satya said, “Dude! I can’t sleep.

He lit the light while saying this.Now both of them slowly started gossiping on their beds. In a short time, Satya started a horror story ...

“Once, He went to Surat for the office work first time. Not much wandering here and there, after walking a little distance from the railway station, he saw a hotel.

Looked fine from outside. He went inside that hotel. A fat man was sitting at the reception of the hotel.

Satya asks him, “Brother! Is any room available?”

The receptionist explains, “Only one room is available. You can see if you want to take.”

It was quite a night. Satya did not know that city much . He had to stay in the hotel for one night only and he had a meeting with the client in the morning the next day. It was just a matter of one night, thinking that , He said , “Okay brother! Book it, No issue.”

The receptionist said, “Brother! Look before you book the room. Do not say later what kind of room you gave .”

Satya looks at his face carefully and laughs and says, “Oh brother! The room is there. Its matter of only one night . Okay, if you say , will check the room .”

He goes to see the room with a caretaker. The room was on the seventh floor.

Through a very long corridor, he goes to the right-side corridor. Room number 777 was the last room. Satya goes inside and sees all the things in the room. There are large windows. There was a clean and tidy bathroom.

Thinking of what else he needed for a night stay, he comes down to the receptionist again and says, “Dude ,I have checked the room . Its ok for me , please book the room .”

His room is booked, and he takes the key and goes to room number 777 . He looked once at room number and felt some thing odd, but he ignored it .

He Opens his laptop and starts doing some work on it . After a while, he realizes that there is a big window in his room. He moves towards the window and opens it completely.

He feels a little strange when opening, because in a room of 10 x 10 feet, the window size was too large.

But he thinks, “Wow! What a cool room I have got. How much fresh air is coming in such a big window.”

Saying this, he opens curtains along with the window and starts doing his work again on the laptop.

He is so busy with his work that he does not care about what time it is at night. After a while, His body shudder and he gets up from his place to straighten his body, he realizes that it is almost 1:00 in the night.

A little cold fresh air was coming from the window, in such a situation, he felt like drinking coffee. He called at the reception to order coffee.

The receptionist said, “Brother, all the waiters are asleep now. It’s been quite a night.”

Now anything can be ordered in the morning. The service is available only till 12 o’clock in the night”

Satya said, “Okay!

Thinking that I should sleep now , he closes his laptop and tries to sleep on his bed by closing the window doors. He was quite tired. As soon as he closes his eyes and he realizes that I am sleepy now, Suddenly someone grabbed his bed and shook it loudly.

He suddenly gets up and sits down. His sleep is broken. He looks around here and there but sees nothing.

He thinks that all this is an illusion of my mind. At same time , the sound of a truck going on the road near the hotel is heard. So he started thinking that this hotel is located next to the highway and over bridge, due to which sometimes the arrival of vehicles can create vibration in the building.

Considering this, he tries to sleep again.

It will be about 10 to 15 minutes for him to fall asleep that again someone catches his bed and shakes it loudly at twice the speed. As if someone wants to grab his bed and pick it up and throw it out.

He suddenly panics and stands up from bed. He is scared and starts looking here and there.

He does not understand what he should do on such a night.

Now he starts putting in his mind that there is definitely some thing. Still, he muses up the courage to go to his bathroom to check. Water was seeping from the shower in the bathroom. When he tried to fix the shower, water started leaking from the tap. He puts a bucket under the tap and shower and goes to the window. He opened his big window and peeked out of it, what is there?

There was complete darkness outside the window, nothing was visible. He realized that there is a big drain outside that window because there was a sound of water flowing from there. He closed the window in fear.

Now his big window, which used to bring blissful air, now became a horror window for him.

Once, with great courage, he wanted to check under his bed whether there is anything under the bed.

At that time, the scene of the entire horror movie watched by him starts playing in his mind. So first he wears his jeans pants, keeps his mobile and wallet in his pocket from the the table. Gently open the door of his room so that the door does not lock automatically if needed and he can run away from the room.

Putting a stone on his heart, remembering the name of God, he sits down in a jolt and suddenly peeks under the bed, for a moment he felt as if someone was sitting under the bed, with a reverse neck telling him ” What you are looking for? ”

But there was nothing under the bed. He took a deep breath and sat on the chair and started thinking that now I cannot sleep in this room at all. There is someone who does not want me to sleep in this room. There is someone who does not like my presence here. He got scared, his courage is broken. He runs without delay, without closing the door. He does not get down from the elevator . He runs down the stairs very quickly because he was afraid that the elevator would stop on some other floor, as it happens in movies. He arrives at the reception but by then the person who had booked his room had gone. Now there was someone else in night shift. He was a bit agitated over the receptionist, but now that receptionist was not there.

There was an new receptionist and a watchman at the reception. The watchman was rubbing KHAINI and the two were discussing a serious topic. Both were helping each other in night duty .

Satya goes to to the new receptionist and tells the whole thing, but the receptionist doesn’t care about all these things, he says, “Brother, These are all stupid things, there is nothing like this in the hotel.”

Satya says, “Brother! Believe or not, but now I can’t sleep in that room. Will you help me?”

The receptionist said, “Tell me , what I can do?”

Satya said, “Is there any other room empty?

The receptionist said, “No, the entire room is booked today.”

Satya said, “Then give me a pillow and a bed sheet, I will sleep the whole night here on the couch. Now I cannot go to that room.”

The receptionist gave Satya a sheet and pillow and then he got engaged with the watchman again. Satya lay down on the couch at the reception itself.

He was not able to sleep. He was able to listen well to both of them. They were both talking about a boy’s love marriage.

The watchman was narrating the story of his cousin to the receptionist.

He explains, “His cousin was in love with a girl from his own town. For a long time they both wanted each other, but nobody knew in the house. Both of them used to meet in hiding. After some time , The girl’s marriage was fixed with other guy but girl did not tell any thing about her love to the housemates because of fear.

Somehow about one week before the girl’s wedding, the girl’s mother came to know about their relationship.

Her mother asked to her all things . Her mother was agitated because the boy belonged to another caste.

Her mother knew that even though she would agree once, her father and uncle would not allow her to marry into another caste.

The girl convinced her mother but her housemates did not agree. He wanted to get the girl married as soon as possible.

The day has also come when the girl was to be married. My brother also went to meet her same day. May be both of them wanted to escape.

Married with grandeur, the girl also went to her in-laws’ house. But my brother was missing from that day. We thought, the next day he would come but he did not come the next day either. His phone was not even connected.

A lot of investigation was done, but nothing was found.

Then we reported to the police. Just a few days ago, his dead body was found from a tree. This corpse is found on the path of forest, 40 km away from the girl’s house. ”

The receptionist asked, “Dude! this affair of love is also very strange. What happened then ?”

The watchman said, “Brother! Very bad happened. When the girl came to know that her lover’s corpse had been found, she also hanged herself. Here my uncle - aunt’s condition is bad. The whole issue is entangled. Police is doing the investigation.

Look what happens next?

Satya was listening to them while lying on the couch. Now his fear was over. His attention was drawn to the story of the family of the watchman.

Sathya said in his mind, “Don’t know what is right, what is wrong? Is people’s life important or caste discrimination? God knows.” And he went in a deep sleep, grumbling.

The night passed, now one or two customers started coming. The receptionist woke up Satya. It was 6 o’clock in the morning.

Satya thought, “I should go to my room. It’s morning now, there is nothing to fear.”

Thinking that he went to his room fearfully and after going to that room, he opens the window completely again. Removes the curtain .

Morning sunlight started coming from that window. Now he did not feel scared in the room at all. He repeats the night action again. He was not able to sleep on his bed all night, so he tries to rest on the bed, slowly he goes into deep sleep. When he woke up, he was feeling perfectly good. It was 10 o’clock . After getting ready for the meeting , He says goodbye to that room. The incident of the night kept wandering in his mind. After the meeting with the client , he had a train to Delhi in the evening.

After the meeting over he books an auto to go to the station. When he sits in the auto, he is curious to tell about the hotel incident to the auto driver.

After a while, he asks the auto driver about the hotel if he knows anything about that hotel.

He tells the driver in detail about the night’s incident.

After hearing, the auto driver whatever tells him, Satya’s senses flew away. His hair stood up.

The auto driver tells Satya, “The hotel you stayed in, I don’t know which room it is, but there is a room on the seventh floor, in which someone came to stay a couple 3 years ago. Two days Later, a girl’s dead body was found in that room. Since then no one is believed to have gone to that room on the seventh floor. Often the incident is heard. ”

When the auto driver explains it all, not a word comes out of Satya’s mouth. He got scared at all . He was not able to say any thing after that . All the things of last night starts running in his mind. He thanks God that I am going back to Delhi safely.

He never forgot this incident .”

Satya started snoring in the next 5 minutes after narrating the horror story to Manas and he slept in deep. But Manas was little scared. He was not able to sleep. Now all those things started wandering in his mind. But the next day Manas had an important job in the office, so he tried to sleep anyway.

The next day after office, Manas said to Satya, “Beware, Now I do not want to listen any other horror story.”

Satya laughingly said, “Brother, that was not a story, it was a real incident.”

Manas said, “Whatever, last night I was not able to sleep properly, I was not able to focus on my work in the office. Today I got into an argument with boss .”

Satya said, “Never mind brother. It keeps happening. Chill. Anyway, he is your boss, isn’t it?”

Manas said, “Ok, that is your boss too?”

Satya said nonchalantly, “Oh! Yes, fu ***ing job

The two reached their room arguing and thus their life continued.

The two then booked a cab and left for their room. For several days, Manas was working on some business plans. On seeing the cab driver, he suddenly remembered his business plan.

Manas asked the driver, “Brother! Is this your own car?”

The driver said, “Yes sir!

Manas said, “Dude! I am thinking to buy one or two cabs and put them in the market. Do you think I will be able to succeed? Is there a possibility of earning it or not?”

The driver said, “Look sir! Earlier the cab business was very good, but these days there has been a lot of competition. Whatever it is, this business will be successful only when you drive by yourself.”

Satya then smiled and said, “Brother, now you forget this business. We are not drivers. We are working men. We are in office from morning till evening. It is not possible.”

Manas said to the driver, “Brother! Satya is right. We do the job. What is the problem if we keep the driver?”

The driver said, “Brother, the driver must be reliable. Earlier I had hired a driver too and he used to drive my car. But he was on a monthly basis.

I used to give him monthly salary. He spoiled the business . He did not even take the call of the customer. The car was parked somewhere on the side and had fun and when I asked him, he used to say that brother, I am not getting any customer. So I say that if the driver is reliable, who can earn for you, then it is fine. Other wise this business will not be right for you.

Manas said, “Dude!we will not be able to do this business because now where will we go to find a reliable driver. Who can be trusted nowadays?”

He asked the driver, “Is there any other way? Where we just put our carts and the driver belongs to the company?”

Manas wanted to do business so he was serious. He wanted to eliminate all his doubts from the driver. Because that driver was also in this business.

Satya said, “Dude, why don’t you put the car in big hotels.

Then the driver said to them, “Yes sir, it will be fine. If you have good contacts with hotels, then you can do it there. But there may also be a need for a driver ,you will have to check once.

Manas said, “Okay brother! Thank you.

Satya asked Manas, “Tell me one thing, when are you going to start this business?

Manas, “Brother! I will do it very soon if all goes well. I have to do business but I cannot quit the job.”

Satya, “Man! Think a little bigger. Think some more.”

Then Satya remembered the flat, he asked Manas, “You were going to take a flat in Gurgaon ? what happened to it?”

Manas, “These days flats are getting very expensive which is not my thing.

Satya, “Can I help you with something?

Manas, “Yes, I thought to take the flat. I have also seen one or two places, but did not like anywhere. Let’s see when the good time comes out.

Satya, “Good my friend! own business, own flat! You are going right.”

Manas said, “I am going right. But what it will be possible?

Satya, “You have thought so it must be possible. What is there in the world that cannot be possible. One day you will definitely do this. I have full faith in you.”

Manas, ”Thanks dude.

They reach their rooms while talking and thus their life goes on.

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