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This story features Mike Diastra, a regular worker for Texton Corporation, as the hardest working employee, and the regular recipient of the Employee of the Year for the last 2 years. This story revolves around him meeting a runaway girl , Martha, and how it changes his life, for the better or worse ?? The story unveils many such secrets , and is a roller coaster of emotions.

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Employee of the Year

9:00 a.m. Right on time for the big day. Mike reached his office for the big day, 23rd December , the day he has been reigning on for the last two years. After the usual greeting from the receptionist, he walked in , entered the elevator and pressed the button 6. No, today his objective was not his desk but was to the common room in floor 6. Floor 6 contained only the common room , or in other words was the auditorium that could fit the whole office. However , new employees were not allowed to attend this event , and Mike was the only exception , two years back. This year , he can officially attend the event along with his crew. Today , he wore a light red suit,perfectly suited for his imported lavender perfume, and his patent watch. His hair combed to one side , but shining like the moon, and his dress was completed with the carbon black jeans , along with workers boots. "How do you do , Mr EOTY ???"." I am fine Steve, and that joke was lame .", Mike replied with a grin. Steve was the HOD of the production division. "If it isn't the star of the show , Mike Diastra himself ??" , the familiar scornful voice of the woman he rivalled the most, Anna. She was wearing a red velvet one piece with a fur jacket and her high heels."No wonder you don't feel cold Anna, your jealousy keeps you warm, I guess." " Nice one, but I am not jealous of you , and a compliment wouldn't hurt, handsome". Mike was taken aback a bit, as Anna came pretty close to him, and whispered the last part in his ears. Now Anna was a beautiful woman. Blue eyes, blonde hair , slim face and beautiful lips. Mike snapped back to reality, smiled and said, " Let's have a drink, shall we ,gorgeous ?". Anna blushed as they went into the crowd of people , all waiting for the announcements. The event went well,as the HOD's were awarded, and as usual, MR.EOTY award goes to Mr. Mike Diastra for the third straight year.
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