The boy with the skirt

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This is all about a boy wearing a swishy denim skirt

Mystery / Children
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Day 1

One day a boy said can I start to wear a skirt forever which would make me skirty
Then his parents said yes you can because you are allowed to wear skirts because boys can now wear skirts for as long as they want to if they wish to do
Then he said that’s good I will put a nice skirt on just now give me a few minutes
He found a denim swishy skirt and thought to himself “I love this swishy denim skirt that makes me skirty so like my parents said I can wear it forever and do what I want with it”
2 minutes after looking for a skirt he said can I do what I want with this skirt?
His parents said yes so you can do pees and poos on it wear it in the pool, bath/shower or in a wet place in case you need to pee.
He said that sounds good to do with my own skirt forever.
His parents said go ahead and do it
He went outside with his skirt on and he got 1 litre of water because he was super thirsty and sat outside
5 minutes later he finished the water then 15 minutes later he was told to go do a pee and said “need to pee this will look good on my skirt” so he got up and walked on the grass then he said “ahhhhh that’s a good pee to hopefully see on my skirt” it let his pee run over his skirt but it lasted for 20 seconds then he saw the marks on his skirt so he sat back down then he had to pee 20 minutes later he said “oops need to do another pee again, this is good to see pee going over my skirt “he went back on the grass then let his pee run over his skirt and and said “ahhhhh that’s good pee to go on my skirt” but lasted for 30 seconds which is a long pee he must have been busting for a pee then 10 minutes later he thought I will go in the pool to make my skirt wet and nice so he went in the pool and relaxed in case he needs to pee because his parents said he can pee in the pool but he has his skirt on so he went in the pool and thought to himself “I am in the pool with my skirt on if I need to pee so if I am in the pool then I can pee if I need to do” he was told to go for a pee so he let his pee run over his skirt but he was in the pool so water can make him pee regularly so he just relax and pee if he needs to so he decided to take a nap in the pool but during it his pee it usually starts to trickle his pee will be released to run over his skirt so if he pees because he might have released his bladder to pee it so it will pee over his skirt and think to himself “I am taking a nap so I am releasing my bladder regularly and if I do pee it will run over my skirt.

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