My Iris

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A little girl named Ivy and her imaginary friend Iris play games and sing rhymes around the ouskirts of the forest that surrounds Ivy's backyard. But as time goes by something seems a little odd with Ivy...

Mystery / Fantasy
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As the sun arose, casting light across the dew drops resting on blades of grass and shining through the windows of a cottage style house, a little girl at the age of six lies in her bed.


I was woken up by the sun in my eyes and after a moment my excitement went through the roof! Today is my birthday! With a jolt of happiness i sprang from bed and ran downstairs to wake up mama. "wake up! Wake up! Im finally six!" she rolled over to face me with a smile. Her dark blue eyes lit up as she reached a hand out and pinched my nose. "Hey!" I yelled as she started to laugh then said, "It's not ladylike to run and jump around the house Ivy." I frowned and with in a second I was getting scooped up and planted in her lap. "I guess since it's you're birthday I'll let it slide" she said with a giggle. I smiled and she stood up while holding me and sat me down in front of her mirror. "It's time for the birthday girl to get her hair done!" She grabbed a brush and started to hum a song as she brushed my hair smooth and put it in a pony tail. I looked in the mirror and studied my face like I'd never seen it before. My dirty blonde hair was curly and long and my eyes where green. My mama loved my eyes, she said the color reminded her of a forest and thats why she named me Ivy. I looked up at mom through the mirror and noticed that her dark brown hair was messier than mine. "I think its your turn to get your hair done!" I jumped up and dragged her to the chair. She giggled and sat down as I grabbed the brush, she started to hum the same song as before. She always hummed this tune when no one was talking, she said I should hum it if im ever scared and it'll make me feel better.

After I brushed her hair we ran to the kitchen and made pancakes. By the the time we finished I heard the door open. I ran to the entrance and saw papa standing in front of the door with box in his hands. He had short reddish blonde hair and icy blue eyes. "Happy birthday V!" V was his nickname for me, he said that every dad has to have a nickname for their daughter. I ran to give him a hug and then took the box and ran to the table to open it. Inside was a necklace that had a sapphire Iris. "woah!" I yelled with excitement as flowers have always been my favorite things. Mama helped me put the necklace on and I ran to the mirror in her room to see how it looked. It rested just below my collar bone and I was convinced it was filled magic because how the color of the blue stones seemed to glow. I never took the necklace off from then on, unless I was showering or swimming since I was worried it would rust if I got it wet.
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