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The old story was always different for some, but the result would be the same. 'The Evening Celebration'. Some blame humans who provoked them, while others blame creatures of another world and a few people claim to believe it was purely the devil's fault. Now there's a mad man in the city. Catching all the young women and ripping something from within, leaving them in loved ones front doorstep. Just like in the old tale. Will this issue be solved or will this start something new? Of course ignoring the problem is also a solution. Going on with their daily schedule is also a good call. For now. Until the story goes after someone they shouldn't dare touch.

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Chapter 1


Stretching out his sluggish arm he reached for his phone and placed it under his pillow. Muffling out as much sound as he can, after a few minutes he removed his phone and placed it unto the dresser that’s next to the bed. Hoisting his body out from the soft pillow he sat up on the bed and looked vacantly at the floating particles that surrounded his bedroom, thanks to the beam ray of light that sneaked it’s way inside from the curtain of the window. Slowly laying back onto the squeaky backboard of the bed and tugging his somewhat heavy, plain bed sheets closer onto his waist and continued to fixate on the tiny dust particle a while longer, until he was able to find the strength to get out of bed.

Taking a large deep breath he raised his arm in the air and stretched as far out that he could. Indulge with the popping his joints made he sauntered toward his window and gazed his eyes on some birds near a tree. There were hardly any birds on the young tree but the image itself was outstanding for him to draw out his sketch pad. Alas, the birds flew away from the sheer squall coming from the hallway of his home, it was his sister running up the stairs and into her bedroom. So much ruckus so early in the morning, as always.


“Another video huh, what do they have for us this time?” I reached for my water bottle on top of the dresser as well as my laptop and quickly connected the phone to the tv and logged onto the college news website live footage.

“There’s always news that they have for us.”

I swaddled myself up with the blanket and sat closer on the edge of my bed waiting for the countdown to end and the news to start.



A Young Lady showed up on the screen of the tv. It’s Wendy Toper. She stood alone on the screen outside a fancy looking gate from the same rich neighborhood just as in the last video. She looks a bit more disturbed while reading the script that they have planned for her. One of the camera guys voiced for Wendy telling her that they just went live.

She rolled up the script and tucked it behind her jeans and faced the camera with a stern gaze.

“Apologizes. Tragical news yet again on this vlog, 30 minutes ago the law enforcement was called yet again into the same neighborhood as the last three cases. At around eight twenty-seven a local highschool girl was found dead outside her family home. We still don’t have permission to give out any information about the victim or her family members just yet. The police believe that this was just another regular case, but you all believe that that’s not the truth. This was the six victims. Another high school girl. Found dead. In front of her family doorstep.”

Wendy kept on rambling on for a bit when an officer showed up and asked Wendy and the camera crew to leave. The camera kept on rolling and the camera crew and Wendy got onto their van. The camera fixed toward Wendy and she continued the video.

“If you are interested in hearing more about the past cases than click the next video. If you want to read and add your theory as to why the murderer is only after young women and middle and high school girls than click on the link in the description below. There would be more information put on the college news website about tonight’s femicide case, once we are given permission. I am Wendy Topper, college news signing off.”

My mind was still processing what has happened when suddenly the tv screen turned off. Confused I proceeded to look for the remote under the blanket, assuming that I might have turned it off. I continued to check around my bedsheet near to where I was sitting, but to no avail. While continuing the search for the missing remote, my hair from the back of my neck rose. Someone was trying to creep up towards me. I flung the blanket off from me ready to attack, but I was greeted by Loki, my sister’s only friend, she took in after finding him in the woods. In his hands was my remote swinging side to side in his pale hands.

Loki came closer tossing the remote onto my bed, his face, and hands drenched in blood. We are fuck if officers found out about this. I asked Loki if he was responsible for what has happened to those human girls, but he averted his gaze from me and his grin grew wider. I noticed that he was clutching an item towards his chest, but it was hard to see what exactly it was.

I’m not sure why it took so long for me to notice the scent of blood the moment he walked inside my home, but that’s the only thing that is roaming the air. I’m glad that he didn’t get caught so far, although he has been walking the streets in broad daylight like this. The stench filled my nostrils and mouth, it felt as though it was struggling me. I covered my face with my shirt and carefully checked what he was clutching close to his chest. I felt a cold chill, once Loki trudges towards me.

Should I run?

Should I attack?

He grabbed my shoulder and locked his eyes onto mine, not knowing what to do I stood still, I stood there trying to keep both my eyes on him. Quietly waiting on what he would do or say. It felt as if I was in his trance as if there’s no escape from his bright ocean blue eyes, or his grasp. The short silence was unbearable. My eyes felt as though it was swinging left to right. The room felt as though it was spinning, I would have been ready to run if it wasn’t for my legs. I don’t know what is wrong with me. He is my friend why should I be afraid, and of Loki of all people.

His expression drastically changed, his serious expression faded to a soft and sweet He leaned in towards my ear and sang an old schoolyard rhyme. This tone sounded so subtle and rich something anyone can just listen to for hours, but chills were the only thing I felt running up my body.

Loki Leaned in closer and took a few short sniffs towards the oblivion Winston. He began Pleading to Winston to share some of his blood to fill Lokis’ appetite. Hearing this broke the delusional trance Winston was in and quickly looked into Loki’s eyes, his deep ocean blue color has changed to a dark red.

If there hasn’t been an officer present by now than he’s in the clear. In the meantime, I can’t have him roaming around the city exposing himself to the humans so easily like this, so recklessly. It’s broad daylight outside, I need to take responsibility for his actions at this moment. Besides, I don’t even know any of those human girls. Rolling up of my sleeve I shoved my forearm towards his mouth. Even though I don’t want to admit it, I felt scared. I felt a small pressure from his fangs pierce my skin sending shivers. I know what I’m asking him to do is poorly frowns upon by the higher-ups and both of our clans can get into serious trouble, but that doesn’t matter my family took him in, making us responsible for his actions.

I sat him closer to me. He’s mouth practically drolling at this point. I patted his head, reassuring him that it’s ok, as I closed my eyes, I waited, the agony I felt each second that passed by was killing me. Just then, his fangs pierced my flesh. the pain I felt on my arm was sent over my entire body. I couldn’t move much, but it won’t do much damage to me. The sensation of my blood being drained out was such an odd feeling, something hard to describe into words. I just felt a bit relieved. I rested my head on his shoulder. He yanked my arm closer to him gently clutching onto my arm not wanting to let go. I’m not sure if my sharp hearing is always a blessing to have but at this moment I am grateful to be able to hear him drinking my blood.

I didn’t notice my other hand slip into his thigh I looked to see if he even noticed, but he seems more preoccupied with my blood, just than an insane thought kept running in my head. I was worried that there was no stopping me. I want more. I tossed him towards my bed and knew there’s no going back now.

“Good morning Winston!” I looked around my room shocked trying to figure what happened and saw Loki standing in front of me with a sinister smile. My cheeks immediately turned red from that delusional dream I had about him. I looked away scratching my head not knowing what to do, what to say for that matter. After what I asked him to do in my dream. What will be his reaction if he knew?

I was lost in the sea of my questions, I failed to realize my bed shifting from Loki’s weight. He was crawling onto my bed, yanking my blanket from me and using it to cover himself up like a burrito, making himself comfortable. He kept on spouting something on his phone, of course, my head is still in the clouds thanks to that dream.

“I’m telling you! Last night they posted that one of the camera crew got an anonymous letter, he was spouting nonsense saying that the person involved with the killings of this year, was going to be dropping off the victim’s body part to everyone houses who are involved with the college news that is if they continue to document more on the killer of the female victims. Wendy went on to say that this is an imitator who is just out there for attention since the college news is now getting more national views. Then they sent a notification that they will be going live in a few minutes, they posted ghastly photos of the poor souls on their website of last night victims. Look they are going live in a few seconds now.”

Loki shoved his phone towards my face and scooted towards me to get a better look at the screen, I felt my blood rushing. I tried to ignore it, averting my attention to the screen, but I felt it wasn’t getting better. I quickly took Loki’s phone from his hand and connected it to the tv. “Does my breath smell that bad.” I ignored his comment and picked up the volume and reassured him that it was just to see the video on a bigger screen. Loki smelled his hand once more and just agreed with the idea all while getting wrapped up into a burrito again. I once again picked up the volume and rested on my headboard. “It’s starting.” Loki seems more energetic than usual about another murder case, I wonder why.

3...2...1... -Click-

“Breaking news yet again. We are on the site of what might presumably be the ninth and tenth victims’, yes that is right two bodies. Law enforcement still has yet to arrive, we can’t say if this is just another imitator or if this was the cause of The Butcher Tale, as some of you from the last few cases have been calling this unknown killer.”

A guy walked into the viewpoint of the camera it’s Wendy’s news partner Rae. It looks like he just finished taking pictures of the victims from the camera around his neck. Is he talking to someone, I can’t see they are out of range of the camera. His face looks Paler than usual today.

“However this is unusual, as I said before the two bodies are in the same location and on the same night and it does look like this was done by The Butcher Tale. Could the killer only be after females of certain households now or did the killer just have an awful night? I would like to believe that this is the imitators doing again but hearing what Rae said before we started the cameras, it’s hard to pinpoint at the moment who is to blame for this mess. This is up for law enforcement to decide who is responsible. Please leave your theories in the comments below about today’s case.”

Wendy stopped talking and turned to signal Rae that they are on the air. Rae stopped talking to the unknown person bidding them farewell and walked towards the Wendy and the camera while removing the disposable gloves, he stopped, took a few deep breaths and look deep into the screen of the camera with a serious expression and slowly signaled the camera crew for his mic to be turned on.

“As some of you already know we have permission to be on site from both the college and the chief of police. As some of the comments mentioned about this morning’s pictures that I posted on the website moments ago, please be aware we are permitted to post this onto the site by the chief of police and the college as long as we obtain permission from the family members of the victims if they refuse then we leave it at that, we do not pressure the family members into saying yes, some of them will just give us their blessing before we even ask for it. I knew one of the girls from the picture that I posted online, both of the parents are here and gave their blessing. Also please be aware that I”m the only one allowed to get near the bodies to set assure that no one else tampers with the victims and or crime scene.”

Rae holds the camera that has been wrapped around his neck towards the audience.

“Please understand, to the new and old subscribers we are interns who work for the city police. We are allowed to be here as long as we follow their regulations. As our website gains more popularity you all fail to realize that we have the right to post and spread the photos onto social media. Yes, it IS gruesome. Please you are underage or if you have a weak stomach then don’t press to unlock the images. There’s viewer aggression is advised warning sign before subscribing for this kind of content, that you are paying for. If you wish not to see these images then change your settings to only see a limit of what we post. If you choose not to do so, you are responsible for what you see popping up on your device. This vlog isn’t for entertainment at all this is to inform everyone of what is happening around our city, we let you all comment and be a part of our crew. Please do understand what you are signing up for.”

“Yes thank you, Rae. If any of you disagree with Rae than just unsubscribe and deactivate your account from your device. Now then, law enforcement just arrived minutes ago and we will need to inform them as usual. There will be more information on the college news website and the app. As always there will be a donation link soon on our website. I am Wendy Topper and he’s Rae Ruth Gideon with the college news signing out.”

“You don’t have to use my whole name to sign me out! You pointy ear demon!”

Just before the screen returned to the homepage Wendy slapped Rae In the back of his head with her script.

“You heard it too, right? Two bodies in one night. I showed your father the images and he said that he is going to ask for a private meeting with Kieth and the higher-ups to see what precautions both of our pack should take if we were to get involved in this mess.”

I looked away from the screen and looked towards Loki a bit concerned about the shit that is happening.

“I’m guessing it’s to make sure if anyone were to hire any private hunters to investigate the case, we’ll need a plan to find a way for all of us to get out safely. Especially since they attacked two girls of a wealthy family again, I wouldn’t be surprised. If my father is going to ask for a meeting it’s most likely that my sister and I will be forced to go, as one of us will be the next upcoming leader.”

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