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After Death

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Chapter 2: The First Question

“The first question is easy, but I will give you an hour to answer… After the first question I will let you take a day off of answering questions. You must be traumatized…”

“What is the first question, Father Death?” I asked curiously.

“How did you die?”

Even though the question was easy, it took me a bit of time to say anything. I decided to stay quiet because of something I saw.

In the corner of my eye, I saw large eyes shimmering. Not just one pair of eyes, many pairs of eyes.

I counted the pairs of eyes, and to my surprise, there were about 20…

Watching me…

This must be why Father Death said I would need a day off. The amount of stress bearing down on me was unbelievable.

“Exactly why are you making me answer questions?”

“I shall not answer such questions” Father Death boomed.

Then the thought struck me. He could be testing me for honesty and personality, and for all I know, I haven’t shown a bit of it.

A small object fell from the air, and was a attached to a small string. I heard a ticking noise and knew it must be a clock.

I reached for the item that ticked and tocked, and stared at the round object to see that it was true. It was a small clock the size of a quarter, that swayed back and forth, over and over. The time was 3:40 am and I knew I had to answer the question soon.

“How much more time do I have to answer this question?”

“You have 20 minutes left”

So it’s a time crunch, but I could choose to answer it now or maybe even last minute.

“I-I killed myself”

“Is that so… Well done. You finished the first question.”
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