K U Med Series

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A women who gets through her past and becomes a doctor.

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15 years ago
So like most nights Raine Gabriela said, 'Good night!' to her Daddy & Mommy and headed up the stairs to her bed.
As i get closer to my room i can see thur the open door into my brothers room, hoping they were asleep. So i peep in as I climb the remaining steps, praying for no movement bc if my eldest brother knows that I'm now upstairs he would come over to my bed and I only want peace & quiet so i can sleep, as I've got a lot of tests in the morning at school. Well my hoping & praying didn't work as my brother starts to come out, i whispered 'Please, don't, not tonight please!!'
'Why not, I want it so I'm going to the bathroom, be ready when I get back, so it don't take as long,' Archer whispers..

All I want to do is run down stairs and tell my parents everything Archer has ever done to me in the last 2 years, but then that mocking voice in my head comes out, 'Don't go tell, they won't believe you, they will just laugh in your face!!!'
So there l lay in my bed pretending to be asleep as I hears Acher climb the stairs. Waiting, tense, & scared as i know what he is about to do to me. It seems like hours tick by. He then puts a finger to my lips, as to say, 'Don't you make a sound.' Then after a couple minutes, in a blink his gone leaving me to clean up his mess.

~1/2 Year later~
One afternoon in August, when Raine came home from Volleyball practice, there was a note waiting on the board by the front door, telling her ‘We have Felix & Rose for their Eye appt. Then we are going to the store shopping for our up coming campout. Be back after supper, pizza money for you three is in the jar. Love Daddy&Mommy.’
Raine yelled for Jasmine & Archer with no answer she thought well maybe they wasn’t home yet. Raine goes up to her room to sort out her homework, but decides to go into the hot tub while alone for once. She grabs a towel and puts her suit on & a robe then as she heads down, she swipes her hair up into a messy bun. Out her parents room on the deck hiding behind the house and pines, she derobes and climbs in. Raine turns on the jets and sets the timer for 20 minutes, cozies in till timer goes then she will do homework. Much to her surprise later she gets interrupted from her nap with someone playing with her through her suit, of course she knew who, without opening her eyes. Praying he wasn’t naked, she opens her eyes to find he is, & about to be on top of her, again. After so long with him not visiting her at night she thought he got over this. Raine really couldn’t do much about it now as he had her pinned in the tub and was going on with what he wanted. With his back to the doors of the house we couldn’t see what was about to happen, but much to his surprise out walks Jasmine.
In the shock of seeing her brother in middle of what he was doing to his sister, Jasmine screams, “You monster, I thought you was leaving my sisters alone if you had me.” Archer jumps off Raine in shock that he was caught by Jasmine. “Wait, it was only a couple times that I had Raine, but look at her. I still love having you and you are amazing. Please Jasmine, I won’t take Raine anymore if you will still have me.” pleads Archer with Jasmine.
Raine climbs out with anger so deep it is scaring her, she says with anger, “You have let him have you, to try and protect us? Why have you not stopped this long time ago instead of continuing this sick acts?” Raine questions Jasmine. “I can’t believe I never stopped it either.”
“I started enjoying the sweetness Archer has in sneaking into my bed and the love we share is true love. YOU CAN’T TELL. They won’t let us be together if you tell Dad&Mom,” pleads Jasmine. “NO, this stops now. I thought it was just a faze he was going through. How long Jasmine?” Asks Raine.
Jasmine runs into the house crying hysterical and Archer follows with Raine’s voice very loud and clear behind him, “Archer, you best get clothes on and don’t go near Jasmine or I again.”
Raine steps into the kitchen and dials Daddy’s cell, hoping he doesn’t answer, “Dad, if you could get home asap we have a problem but as for now no one is hurt. See you soon.” Says Raine in the voicemail. Beep beep beep goes the phone again in Raine’s hands as she dials 911. Raine steps outside and shuts door so they can’t hear. “Hello, yes hi I’m in need of a couple policemen please come to my house. Thanks!” Speaks Raine. The operator asks the problem and for the address. “If they could come just asap that would be great I’ll be waiting outside for them, but please no lights or sirens. Thanks,” responses Raine. Outside on the steps she sits, thinking what is she going to tell the police and her parents.
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