K U Med Series

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Chapter 1:

The Present:
29 year old Raine Wade, is standing in line at her favorite coffee shop, Grace's Càfe & Restaurant, for her regular coffee, she hears her name being called from the right side by the counter. She looks and there stands Anna the nice barista whom she has talked with most every morning.
Anna calls again, 'Raine, come I've got your coffee already for you.' So Raine gets out of line and heads toward Anna, while walking and digging in her purse for money Raine runs straight into someone, 'O, ouch!' Yelps a man! Raine looks up and says,'O my I'm so sorry that is totally my fault. Let me help clean that up!'
Raine grabs a towel that was laying on the counter and starts wipes the mans chest where the hot coffee was spilled. After a couple seconds of her rubbing on the handsome mans chest Raine looks up with an embarrassing look on her face & says again,'O so sorry!' Then with a double take, her memory kicks in, this man is a police officer and Raine knows him.
Now total embarrassed she orders him a new coffee and pays so she can escape before he remembers who she was. With one last apology and a bye to Anna out the door Raine goes off to work.
Still standing in the Càfe, Detective Wyatt was thinking who was that crazy, gorgeous woman was who just spilled his favorite coffee all over him. He turns toward Anna who hands him his new coffee and says,'Wow, is there something wrong with me? That lady just ran from me like a mouse from a cat!!!'
Anna replied,'I don't see anything wrong with you but I know Raine has rounds that she has to do every morning, so if I was you don't take it personally.' 'Rounds? What does she do for a living?' questions the Detective. 'Hey now don't do that mister, I'm not a criminal that u can just question for anything!' Anna replies with some anger in her voice.
Wyatt holds up his hands,'OK, I'm sorry that's not what I meant. I'm just interested in that crazy, gorgeous woman that just flew out of here!!!'
'Well, I will tell you this is where you mostly can find her most mornings!' answers Anna. Wyatt replies with a hearty wave,'Thanks so much.'
As rounds were coming to the end, Raine could now step into the break room for a pastry. As she sat there eating, a memory from 8 years ago starts up in her mind. It started 16 hours before her 21st birthday, she was still in college and living in a house with 4 other girls who also went to Harvard. They were all friends, they all meet their first year at Harvard, all were first living in dorms with other girls but after the first year they all came together with the idea to just live together, now that would be more fun. So they found a house about 4 blocks away so they can walk back and forth easy and saving on gas.
Raine was studying hard for the last 24 hours. Thinking about stopping for a while Raine climbs into bed and falls asleep. 3 hours later, in bangs all 4 girls yelling,' Time to start your weekend!!!' Jumping straight out of bed scared to no end. Raine says very loudly and with a yawn, “What are you all doing I've only been asleep for like 3 hours!!!'
Dani steps forward and says nice and calm,' But we have the next 12 hours all planned out for your birthday!!' Raine sits up a little straighter and replies,'You did what?' Dani, who if u ask anyone is the BFF of Raine and all the others knew that so they mostly always let them to hash it out so they don't get caught in the middle. Dani says,'Yes, we know you have been studying non stop mostly for weeks, and as you are the last of us to turn 21, we thought we all deserves a great weekend. We also very much want to celebrate you being our friend, so let the celebrations begin!'
First was for us all to get dressed in casual clothes, next was the stop at the spa. Where they had a whole list of things they got to do. Here is that list from the spa,-facials, waxing(legs and bikini area), massages all around, scrubs then steaming, & last, long hot showers. Now off to Shop for new outfits for the evening.
Several hours later arriving at Salon, for hair coloring, mani's, ped's, & a light tanning!!
With almost like having a new body, new hair colors and new clothes, off goes the 5 ladies to party!!!!! On the 20 ish minutes drive to Boston, while Willow was driving Abbie started telling what events were planned. 'Ok, we have found 9 of the hottest bars. Why 9 of them you may ask? We are bar golfing that's why,' Cam explained, 'So, we are parking at the hotel, we booked one in walking distance from all the bars. But we ordered a car to drive us from the first till the ninth one..
So rules, 1) we must drink at least 2 signature shots from each bar. 2) Raine must pick 2 cards from the basket at each bar. [It a game, it maybe a dare, truth, or selfie]!!!! 3) We each must kiss at least 21 guys before the night is over.'
‘So it's going to be 11:30pm when we get to the hotel so it will take about 10 mins to check in and take our stuff up to our room,' Cam informs everyone. 'Well if there is no line then we figure something out till 12:00am!' says Cam.
11:50pm They arrive at the first bar with a nice line, time ticks by and they approached the front of the line to the large bouncer, 'May I see all your ID's please.' We all had our ID's ready. As Raine hands her ID to him she asks the time. 'It's 12:01am. Why do u ask, are you late?' asked the Bouncer. We all squeak and jump up & down just a little then Raine replies, 'No, I just wanted to make sure I was legal to enter.' Then out comes a sash from Abbie & it says 'I'm 21!!! 🍸🎉🎂
The bouncer just laughs & replies, 'I would have still let you in even if it was 10 till. Because it will take you that long to reach the bar!!!'
So in we go to the first of many tonight!! As we reach the bar Dani takes charge in ordering, 'We need 5 shoots of your most popular signature shoot, please.' 'We have a birthday girl tonight,' Cam says very loudly.
As they wait for the drinks Dani pulls out the basket for the game she shouts to Raine, “it is now time for you to pick one.”
So the night goes on staying about 20 minutes a piece at each bar.. Well after 3 bars they were on the way to the 4th, while Willow says, 'Well I'm about done with the rules #3!!!!!' They all burst out laughing. As the car stops close to bar #4 Raine jumps out ready for more when she turns to walk away from the car she smacks straight into a man which of coarse makes Raine start to fall. But strong sexy arms sweep out and scoops Raine up. In a rough but strong manly voice comes the question, 'Ma'am are you ok?'
So Raine looks up to reply that she almost drunk but ok, then she really can't talk bc this strong, sexy, handsome man was holding her and was making her heart skip beats. Finally Raine found her voice( which felt like hours later), 'Yes, just a little tipsy.' she replied almost breathless. As he sits Raine down on the near by bench, she sees what he is wearing, o man how embarrassing this handsome man is a police officer.
With an embarrassed look she states, 'Sir, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going, please don't arrest me!' Raine praying about what he was going to say next, but all she heard was laughter coming from him. 'What's so funny, something I said I'm guessing?' 'Yes, No, sort of!!' replies the officer, 'I'm Wyatt, and I've only been an officer for about 6months. So to tell you the truth No, I'm not going to arrest you. You weren't driving, right?' ‘No of course not!' Raine replies.
As Officer Wyatt helps Raine stand he see the sash. 'O wow I see why you are tipsy!!' Raine looks down at the sash and says, 'Yes that's me just now legal!!' As she looks up their heads hit and almost makes them both fall this time but they both reach out to steady each other their eyes meet and Raine felt like this was meant to be.
'Well, I better catch up with my friends, but thanks for catching me,' states Raine. So stepping around him she starts to walk when she hears, 'Wait, I didn't get your name!!' So Raine turns and says, 'Do u have something to write on?' 'Of course, here,' Wyatt says as he hands a little note book to her. Raine takes it and writers her first name and #, then rips out the page, and hands back the book. 'Now, if you would like this page then I really need a favor.' says Raine. 'Anything!' Wyatt replies breathless. With out a word Raine steps forward and slips the page into his front breast pocket as she completes the full step which brings her just inches from his face and they lean toward each other for a surprisingly passionate kiss. As Raine walks into the bar, she thinks to herself Wow, that was the best kiss ever. Wish I would have asked for his numbers.
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