K U Med Series

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Chapter 2

As Detective Wyatt gets back to his desk on the 2nd floor of the police station, he sat down still in a daze about the woman named Raine and why that name sounded familiar. Then as the daze lifted the memory came like flood; him as a new officer, a tipsy gorgeous woman smacking into him, that surprisingly passionate kiss, then she just walked away. As she disappeared into the bar, all he wanted was to go after her, and kiss her again and again and never let her go.
He has never believed in love at first sight or any of that kind of stuff, but maybe love at first kiss will work it’s magic. Wait the note, he dug it out of his pocket anxious to know her name, Raine with a small heart for the 'I'!! Followed by her phone number, he prayed. Before he could lose that very precious note he put it in to the safe zipper pocket in his wallet.
As he replayed the memory of the kiss, Wyatt got a hard smack on the back of his head, bringing him back to present where across their desk now sits his partner Detective Alec Mast. A pain in Wyatt's rear end, but also his Best Friend!!
“What are you dreaming about? Oh, man you are a klutz look at the stain from your coffee!!!!”Alec laughing as he said. “I didn’t do not, at Grace's a woman smacked into me and spilled my coffee,” stated Wyatt, “then she bought me a new one! So that was nice, right?” What Wyatt didn't tell Alec was it was the same woman he has been in love with for 8 years! They may never have dated but man every time they meet again it’s like a smack of love flowing between them. But then no one knows about her not even his mom. 'Well man did you get her number so you can ask her out?' asks Alec. 'No she was in a hurry and didn't even let me apologize for running into her.' said Wyatt. “Well, why don't you search for her then you can ask her out!” states Alec. “Alec, since you are my best friend, I feel bad because I've not told you something,” starts Wyatt, “It’s something that happened before we met.”
Alec looks at Wyatt wondering what could be so serious. “Well whatever it is, i'm on your side like always,” reminds Alec. As Wyatt starts back 8 years ago, at his graduation class at the Boston Police Academy, the day of, he got a call from his family. They probably was calling saying they weren’t going to make it, that's just so normal of them but he asked anyways, “Are you almost here, the ceremony will begin very soon?” His sister Joyce Matthews answers with a weak, 'No.' then a sob and crying sigh. 'What has happened? What has Dad done now that makes it so you all are not going to be here?' Questions Wyatt. Sobs continue to come over the phone, 'they took him,' Joyce answers softly. 'What, the police took, why?' Wyatt asks getting angry. 'No, No,' Joyce says, 'the ambulance just left with Dad.' 'WHAT?' Replies Wyatt, 'What is going on and what happened to Dad?' Joyce stated to explain that he was white and holding his chest then he stopped talking.
So they called 911, and Mom went with him. 'What time can you meet me at the hospital, asked Joyce. 'Well I'm not going to be able to head that way till after the ceremony bc if I'm not there then I can't get my shield,' replied Wyatt, 'Tell Mom I'll be there as fast as I can, I'm sorry.'
Several hours later as the ceremony came to a close, off runs newly appointed Officer Wyatt Phillips, towards the bus to head home. He slowed to a speedy walk thinking about all he needed to pack to head to his home town of Worcester, MA close to an hour and a half away. Still processing everything, Wyatt looks up just in time to prepare for a woman to slam into him. 'Ok, wait a minute how often do you run into woman?' questioned Alec. 'Well Alec this is the part of the story no one knows about till now but no laughing or judging me.' 'Ok got it I'm here to support you, but I didn't know some of this about your family wow. Ok go on I'm listening!' replies Alec.
So Wyatt goes on about the tipsy, gorgeous woman who kissed him then walked away, then the note with her name and number on it. Then he turns the story to he got on the bus, got home packed in a rush then started driving towards the hospital that his dad would be at. One hour and 30 minutes later. He walks into the hospital to the front desk to search for his dad. The lady behind the desk informed him that his father was in surgery and gave him a map to the waiting room. Finally getting to the waiting room he found his mother, 2 sisters, & 3 brothers all crying uncontrollably in a circle and Wyatt just knew that his Daddy didn't make thur surgery.
So Wyatt is waiting for Alec to process all that he had just told him, when he thinks I could try that number in my wallet to see if it works.. Then Alec speaks up, “Wyatt, bro, wow I had no idea, about your Dad, man that hard. But my one question is do you still have the note that you put in your wallet 8 years ago?' Before Wyatt could speak up, the Police Captain Raymond Miller walks in to their office and tells them about the several car pile up on the interstate. “Lets go!” yells the Captain, “We need to get to the scene, assess the accident, see how many survivors there are and to which hospitals they are going to. You two are the leads on this so let’s figure it out.”
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