K U Med Series

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Chapter 3

On the 2nd floor of KU MED in the Doctors Lounge sits Raine still thinking to herself, how is he here and why? Did he know she was going to be here? From what she saw he was still a police officer but he wasn't wearing a uniform so he had climbed up the ladder.. But she still come back to why is he here in Kansas City, when he use to live in Boston?
As Raine is still pondering all that had happened that morning in walks Doug, one of the trauma Doctors from the ER. Great she thinks, if he asks me out one more time I could just scream. “Good Morning, Raine! How has your morning been so far?” questions Doug McClain. “Good so far thanks for asking!” Raine replies with smile. She gets up and clears the table and cleaning her dishes just as Raine is done the alarm and a voice over loud speaker goes off, 'Large accident on interstate, 4 ambulances in route all Head Dr report to ER!'
“Well that’s me got to go. See you down there, Doug.” Yells Raine as she heads out the door. This day has not started out well, then Raine's phone goes off, a reminder. "2 years ago Archer Died" quickly silencing that so no one could see, now her mood wasn't going to improve.
Raine had to just push all that deep down because she had a job to do, so off she runs toward the elevator to head down to ER. When Raine gets there, she sees several Doctors getting trauma scrubs on, and she follows suit.
When she was done, she walks thur the swinging doors and heads to the automatic double doors to the outside to wait in the ambulance bay.
As Raine is standing there waiting she starts thinking where are all of the interns. She turns just as the doors open to a swarm of interns. “Good, there you all are. Where have you all been?” Asks Dr. Raine Wade, Head of Trama. As one of the interns starts to speak, into the ER bay rolls one of the ambulances. As Dr Wade steps up she says, “Never mind forget all that, we now have our work cut out for us, let's get busy!”
As the ambulance comes to a stop the backdoor flies open. Out steps Paramedic Gabriel Troyer, he starts to smile as Dr Wade steps up to the door to help with the stretchers. From the look on his face it's clear to Raine that Gabriel still likes her a lot.. When is he going to understand that she is just not interested in dating. She trying to focus on God, to be a better child of God. She decided to try to avoid him and see how that goes.
As they are walking through the ER doors Raine continues trying to get the patient to talk, "Ma'am, can you hear me!" "Ma'am, Hello Ma'am can you hear me?" “Ma’am, can you tell me your name?” Still no response so Dr. Wade continues her routine in checking out the patient. ABC’s of ER, airway, breathing, and circulation.
Thinking to herself, air way is clear, breathing is a little slow,{but patient maybe unconscious as of now}, last but not least circulation, with my two fingers I checked pulse on neck & on both ankles. Pulse was good. “Ok let’’s get oxygen on her and start an IV, I need 2 interns to stay with her and check ABC’s every 10 mins. And report back to me.” “Ok, I’m headed to check the next victims I’ll check back in a while. Don’t let her die, Intern Matthews let’s go,” said Dr. Wade.
Walking out of Trauma Room 3, headed toward nurses station, in comes another gurney. “Go check out the patient, I’ll be there in a minute,” says Raine to Intern Matthews. The voice that came from the gurney is what make Raine turn.
“Do you you know Raine Wade she is a doctor here,” shouts Leo Jacobs, Raine’s best and closest cousin. “Would you just lay still till we have someone check you out,” says Gabriel.
Raine tucks behind the column by the nurses station to avoid the cute paramedic. Raine peeks around to see if they are gone, just then Elle steps up to the station and looks right at Raine and says, “Hiding from the cute paramedic again, Raine?” Raine jumped from Elle sneaking up behind her, “What, who is cute? What?” Stutters Raine as she stands up.
Elle looks curiously at Raine before she laughs out loud. “Hey, Elle, Will you go to trauma room 1 and see if it was Leo that they rolled in here on the gurney?” Asked Raine. “ Who is Leo?” Elle inquires, “Is he cute as well?” “Not everything is about how cute a guy is!” Answers Raine. “Ok, I’ll go just so you don’t have to see Ambulance Guy!!!” Says Elle.
10 minutes later Elle returns with a chart in hand. “His name is Leo Jacobs. He was in one of the cars from the accident. He’s doing well but is asking for you, Dr. Wade,” responds Elle, “How does he know you, he is super handsome!!” “Eww, that so wrong!” Raine replies grossing out. As they are walking to TR 1, Elle is asking how she knows this Leo, again. I start to reply as we turn the corner and I smack right in to someone, before I fall strong arms are there to catch me.
Starting to apologize, I look to find Wyatt staring at me. His muscular voice states, “And we meet again. You really have to stop running me over with your body.” Pretending she doesn’t know him from the past, “Oh, Coffee guy, I’m really sorry!” replies Raine. “I’m Detective Wyatt Phillips, nice to officially meet you Raine.” response Wyatt.
Embarrassed Raine stutters, “H h h how did you know my name?” “Anna the barista told me your first name. It’s a very unique name. Don’t think I could ever forget hearing a name like that.” Wyatt replies with a sweetness to his voice.
“Raine, is that you out there? If so get your butt in here and make sure this intern isn’t killing!!!” yells patient from TR 1. “Excuse me, please I have to get back to work now,” says Raine as she starts to squeeze past Wyatt. “Wait,” Wyatt says as his hand lands on her arm, and literally sparks fly. They both jerked their arm back in surprise, just as Detective Alec Mast walks up with his player smile on.
Wyatt continues, “Do you know Mr. Jacobs, Ms. Raine? Because it sounds like he knows your voice pretty well, and yours is a sweet sounding voice, if I may say so myself!” With a shocking look on his face Alec sticks his hand out to Raine, “Hi I’m Detective Alec Mast and this weird goof ball is my partner!” “Hello nice to meet you, I’m Doctor Raine Wade, and I’ve got to get back to work,” Raine replies in her sweetest voice.
She then turns into the room, pulling the curtains shut again behind her, praying Elle shuts the door as she enters. Thinking to herself, what was that? He was flirting, yes but duh so was you, Raine. Thought you was not interested in guys right now? She asked herself.
“I believe he is going to poke me to death, please do this, Raine so I don’t die!!” Shouts Leo. “I’m just doing an IV like I’ve been trained to.” Explains Intern Matthews. “Ok, Leo it can’t be that bad. Let’s see what the matter is. “ says Raine calmly. Hearing the door shut, Raine looks up hoping it’s only Elle, but nope it’s all three of them.
Great, she says in her head, this is all I need the love of my life watching me and he doesn’t even know it. Most likely doesn’t even remember me. How could he remember me it was so long ago, I was a completely different person then.

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