K U Med Series

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Chapter 4

Standing in TR one, Wyatt couldn’t help grin his cheeky grin while watching Raine work. To himself, why does she not know who I am? Do I look that different? I mean, she can’t know who I am if she called me the “coffee guy”. Ok why she is staring at me, I was flirting earlier but now she just looks mad.
“When can we have the room to talk with Mr. Jacobs,” questions Alec. “You can’t, sorry, not till we are sure he is stable. We have to give him a work up before you should be in here,” responded Nurse Elle. “He is awake, lucid and talking, how is that now stable?” Questions Alec. Raine responses smart aleckly, “Just because someone is sitting up talking doesn’t mean they are all ok. We have blood work, ABC’s, x-rays and a chest scan to do before he should be talking to the police. Please, excuse us, we will let you know when you can come back in.”
As they head out the door Alec nodges Wyatt with his elbow, as if to say Wow she is hot! Which is what Alec always says about women that he likes, but Wyatt isn’t sure which woman he thinks is hot. Because to Wyatt it’s Raine and he thinks it will always be Raine. With a smack on the back of the head again, Wyatt comes back to reality. “Would you please stop smacking me, dude! That gets really old.” Wyatt comments. Alec response, “Well if you wouldn’t be in dream land over the really hot Doctor, I wouldn’t have to smack you.” “What are you talking about,” Wyatt says way too fast. “So you are telling me the Dr. in there isn’t the same Raine you told me about from your past. The lady in your past that you just keep happening to run into on occasions. The lady you are so clearly in love with..” Alec says laying it all out on the table.
“Why do you say it like that. All I really know is that I like her and every time we happen to ‘run into’ each other, I get this flutter in my stomach and I feel 21 again. That first time we meet, the feel that she could be the one if only we tried dating. But I did try to find her in Boston there was no Raine living there,” explained Wyatt.
“Well, isn’t that what love is, Wyatt?” Asked Alec. “Dude, what do you really know about loving someone that’s not your family. Not trying to be mean, I know all you want is to find the lady that makes you stutter and feel something. But I love you, bro. So I’m finally telling you, why don’t you take a break from the Player scene and wait for The Lord to bring her into your life when its His plan,” explains Wyatt.
Walking past the nurses station, Alec starts thinking what Wyatt was saying is true. He was raised in a christian church and he just walked away from it all. “What room is Leo and Raine in?” Asks a lady at the nurses station. Her sweet voice brings Alec back to reality, as he turns to see her, Wyatt steps up to talk with the lady. “Do you know Mr. Jacobs and Dr. Wade?” Asks Wyatt. “Yes, Raine is my best friend and I’m Dani Jacobs.” Says Dani. “Well, Mrs. Jacobs, your husband is getting checked out he was in a multiple car accident. They should know something soon,” responded Wyatt. “Ok that’s gross. Leo is my little brother. I know he was in an accident I’m the Head of Pediatrics,” answers Dani, “I was in surgery and I just now could make it here.” Alec till speech less and staring at Dani. Nurse Rosa speaks up saying, “Ok, his file is updated, looks like they are on the way to his new room on the 5th floor, room number 531.” “Thanks , Rosa I’m very grateful for the help, could have just logged in myself but thought he could be still down here,” replies Dani.
As Dani is heading for the elevator Alec starts to say but ends up stuttering, “M m may we have your n number for o our records as the fa family of one of t the victims?” Dani giggles at him asking, “And you are?” “Oh my bad, Detective Alec Mast!’ Alec replied as sweet as possible.
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