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A new home, A new town, A new school, A new everything... ALL OVER AGAIN! Chloe never wanted to move to Twich. It felt weird in that town, the air was thicker than usual and the skies were prettier than any other place, it all seemed too sweet to be real. She had started having weird visions, she had started blacking out, and used to keep hearing voices of strange people. Things started getting worse in Twich when she finds out that mysterious wolves guarded the town. Nothing felt right until she met Alex. Together, they embark on countless adventures and discover a secret that could change their lives forever.

Mystery / Adventure
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new bloood

She gazed out of the Rose-tinted window as the car stopped yet again, this time at its final destination. The large brown wooden billboard in front of their car had a bunch of shabby letters carved into it in a completely illegible font. She tried hard to read the crooked letters and when she was eventually able to figure out what was written, a couple of her brain cells had blacked out. It read, “Welcome to Twich”. She sighed and rested her back on the uncomfortable stone-like seat, closing her eyes and plunging into a sea of thoughts. “Was this place really going to be my home?”, she thought to herself. Countless questions popped up in her head to which she had no answers but was determined to find out. This was the fifth time the Avery family had relocated that summer. This was particularly difficult for Chloe Avery, the imaginative and wild daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Avery. Her family was perfect before they moved into that odd little town. Her father, Tom Avery was a criminal lawyer. Chloé never liked to call him a criminal in front of her friends, so she always said he was a business lawyer. Chloe’s father was a lean, gaunt man. He had sweeping black eyebrows that nearly covered his ice-blue eyes, which were permanently fenced off by a pair of black spectacles. Her mother, Grace Avery, in contrast, was imp thin with a triangular face that was supported by a very long neck. Her skin was glossy and her cheeks would always be plumped up with blush and her lips were always smacked with the same red lipstick, which she embellished. She was a banker, by profession, but she gave it all up because she wanted to be more than just a banker. She wanted to do something unimaginable. Chloe didn’t support that side of her mother. How could someone possibly do something unimaginably unimaginable in their life? Well, yes, Chloe was indeed very smart for her age. She was only 13, but was aware of everything around her. She also had a special way of judging people by their footwear. She had a comely figure which was stem-thin. She had a burnished complexion, with eyes as brown as almonds. She had slender eyebrows and velvety lashes that further enhanced her beauty. Her dainty nose and halo-white teeth deserve a mention. She was very beautiful, but she had a weird birthmark behind her ear, which she found to be quite embarrassing, so she hid it with the coils of her luscious leaf-brown hair. Chloe had a little brother. His name was Austin, he was 2 years younger than Chloe. He was a quiet and calm child compared to his very hyper sister. He was short and a little chubby. He resembled his father quite a lot. He had a round face, which was minus a forehead from his overgrown fringes which stretched to his eyes awning his forehead completely. He was extremely particular about his perfectly styled black hair. He was an attentive listener, which explains why he aced all of his tests at school. He usually sat in a comfy chair with his face buried deep into a book. Whenever he read something his dark pink freckles underneath his eyes would turn light purple, which gave Chloe a chance to make fun of him

Lost in her thoughts about her new home, Chloe didn’t realize where, when her car drove into the driveway of a big house, the kind in which most American kids dreamed of growing up. Secluded among trees on one of DC’s most exclusive streets, it had turrets, gables, dormers, balconies, a screened-in front porch, a freestanding garage, a gazebo, a pool, formal gardens, all of that fancy stuff. She was confused as to where their car was parked. She stepped out to see what was going on. The boot of the car was open and large cartons clustered the garden and the porch ahead of her. It struck her. “Not again”, she muttered to herself after looking at the mess of labeled boxes around her. “I always wanted a home like this!”, Chloe’s mom yelled in excitement. “This house is just perfect for our perfect little family”, Her dad added, kissing Chloe’s mom on her cheek. Austin too was quite happy. “Chloe darling, why don’t you come, join us and help a little in unpacking, child?”, her mother called out to her. She had to give it to her for pretending to be inclusive. Chloe didn’t budge. She didn’t want to do it all over again, she knew she would land up in the same situation after a fortnight. Chloe’s mom came up to her and gave her a tight hug. Even though she wouldn’t admit it, she needed it and felt better after she got it. “Chloe, you know, dear?” She whispered in Chloe’s ear, “This is a fresh start, a new leaf, this place is now our home.”, she comforted her. After a slight pause and releasing her grip on Chloe’s chest a little, she said, “Let’s make the most of it, together”, she sounded sure. Her mother sighed and kissed Chloe’s forehead and walked back into the house. “Well, I guess mom’s right for once!”, Chloe giggled and gave her brother a slight cuddle. “Let’s go”, they both exclaimed in unison. “This is going to be a whole new adventure, little bro”, Chloe smirked at her brother and then winked. They both jumped over the fence and galloped across the garden, stomping on the porch, and then to end their percussion, they banged the front door.

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