Highway 68

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19-year-old Casey Anderson is an assistant detective of the FBI, and her partner in crime Detective Robert Sanders are both assigned to a kidnapping case on the highway 68 where Casey’s parents both died a year ago. With inner turmoil in her gut Casey decides to take the case, but what happens when she starts to realize this kidnapper may have a connection to her parents’ death.

Mystery / Thriller
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“Olivia have fun Honey!” Mother shouts from the kitchen, Giving Mom a little wave I step out into the chilly night. A big smile plastered on my face as I think of my beautiful boyfriend Chase waiting for me at the diner. We met each other at a party a couple weeks ago, and I just knew we were meant to be. Getting into my car I start the engine, though I do not miss the sudden chill I get as my car turns on. I started getting a really bad feeling, looking around the car I see nothing out of place. Shaking off the bad vibes I am getting, I drive off my mind drifting back to Chase, relaxing my mind immediately.

After driving for a few minutes, a beeping makes me snap out of my thoughts, looking at the small flashing light signaling I’m almost out of fuel. Frowning as I think of how I got gas just the other day ago. The bad feeling comes back to me at full force. Shoving it aside I pull over to the side of the road, I get out checking inside my gas tank. Not a single drop of gas was in there, crouching down I look under my car seeing a trickle of gas running out of my car. Panic overtakes me at my punctured tank, how did this happen! Keeping my breathing controlled, I just need to call my mom, she’ll know what to do. My neck hairs stand up at being alone in the middle of the night. Getting up from the ground I decided to head back into my car, my heart picking up as my anxiety of being alone increases. Hurrying up my pace I get into the car slamming the car door shut, locking the door I stare out the window. Why am I so jumpy there is no one there? Chuckling a little I lean my head back into the car seat.

“AHHHHH!” I half shriek, half choke as a rope tangles around my neck out of nowhere. My eyes bulge open, tears instantly prick to the surface. Gasping for air my hands frantically grab at anything at all but come up with nothing, but I already knew it was the end for me as my eyes roll up, I instantly catch the eyes of the intruder through the mirror sitting in the back, and what I saw scarred me for life. I wasn’t going down like this I think a spurt of adrenaline courses through me, I feel for my phone at my side, I keep eye contact with him as I press play on my phone. With the last of the adrenaline rushing through me, I gather enough strength to gurgle out one word. “Chase.”

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