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for the (first) lies ahead; himawari

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Moving into Japan, living in an apartment with Kyoto, Jun and Ryo. The three falls in love with them. However, a new roommate, Tadashi moves in. Is it now just a 'perfect' love story repeating for Tadashi or is he using everyone's mental health, guilts and weaknesses for a sadistic serial murder tragedy... out of 'love'?

Mystery / Thriller
-ℝ 🏹
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Chapter 1; Start-Up

Finally, I'm done with my work.

It's been such a tiring day today, I had to run errands according to my work schedule at the CaféStudio, rent a book at the library and along with finishing up my assignments which included in songwriting and the producing of my music.

Eversince I've broken up with every other people, I intend to remember my past self.

「 Love? I don't vibe either with the word or it's initials. Not that I'm being arrogant and all innocent, I just simply give up on it. 」

But whatever.

I intend to work towards the etiquette of.. Femme Fatale.

Love goes with the word guilty pleasure for me because every single time I try so hard to be femme fatale, god would get me into a hit and run and I'll be left speechless.

Yet I've migrated to Japan to feel better about myself and chase my dream. After whatever's happened back in Australia, I don't think I would want to face their faces again, or have anything to do with them.

I mean it was a last minute planning but it was sure worth it. Now I live in an apartment with my three roommates which they turned out to be men and which I didn't knew of before renting the apartment.

Thinking of it sure pisses me off but I had no choice but to take care of myself and entertain their clownery business. But so far with them, it has been the best.

「Hey bookworm, pass me the remote.」

Speaking of the devil, the three roommates gather around and sat at the couch beside me.

I was too lost in my thought that I hadn't pay attention to whatever was happening.

「Did you hear me? I said pass me the remote.」

「Hey man chill, why so rude to... such a beautiful lady?」

「You guys want any drinks? I'm going to the kitchen.」

Guys. Men. Boys.

Are they all rude? Are they all so flirty? Are they all so ... transparent?

I took the remote beside me and passed it to Ryo, the rude roommate.

Kyoto went to sit beside me and cheered me up as he saw my gloomy face towards Ryo as Ryo rolls his eyes towards me. How rude.

「Is the chocolate milk good
enough for you?」

Voiced Jun from the kitchen.

「Yeah, thanks.」

I replied.

This is how it is, in the apartment almost everyday I spent the evening with the boys. If we're lucky enough when Ryo's in a good mood, he would treat us to dinner after he gets paid, eventhough it's me paying him. As for CaféStudio, Ryo works part-time as the cashier.

Kyoto works as a baker in CaféStudio and damn, he's a sweetheart. He would always bring us some bread or coffee he could bring back home and always be someone I could seek whenever there's an emergency. Like me going hungry.

Well, Jun's a little bit different. He's my study buddy and as well as my comfort buddy, the waiter of CaféStudio. By study buddy, he would spend hours sitting with me in CaféStudio, giving me inspiration and ideas to new songs and even poetry while we get our butt cramped up. Everything's casual between us. Even from goofing around to crying like an ugly chewbacca.

My roommates were at first pretty quite silent when I first moved in and I had a hard time trying to fit in and be a part of them. But I admit that they're the coolest guys eventhough despite their tendency of being a pain in MY HEAD.

Once I was running late to open up CaféStudio since I overslept, Kyoto was just learning how to bake in the kitchen and had mess lying around. Ryo was then fighting with some person on a call eventhough he just woke up. That man just woke up and instantly chose violence. Jun was then studying for his last year exam and had many problems in understanding the concepts.

Turns out, I had to help them all at the same time with my shirt dirty at Kyoto's baking, Ryo's instant flare with Jun in his glasses and face buried in his textbook shoved up in my face.

No doubt, they all agreed to help me out and send me to open up CaféStudio with such great speed and force that up to this day I still wonder how I wasn't up in the air, flying.

That sure is how I've spent my past 3 years in Japan with a bunch of chaotic apartment roommates as a daily routine.


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