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Chapter 2; No Way

「What's that noise?」
I asked Jun who was laying down.

「Pretty sure it's Ryo throwing stuff everywhere again.」
He replied before I saw his body shift facing the other side while he laid on the floor's mattress.

I sighed.

Ryo's more complexed than he seems.
He told me once that he grew up with strict parents. I suspected that he had trauma linking to this because often at night, Ryo would be struggling in his bed, whimpering and crying saying

「I'm sorry, I won't ask for anything else! Please stop, it hurts. I'm sorry.」

On and on until me and the other two gets in his room to calm him down.
We'd sit there for hours until he quiets down and sleeps in peace.

Ryo gets me worried sometimes.
Eventhough he can be rude, there's a valid reason to why he behaves that way.

The next day after he'd get the often-coming nightmares, he'd sit on the couch, drinking his coffee like nothing ever happened the night before and stay rude.

If only he'd knew how serious it was.

「Hey, I think I'd stop by CaféStudio today. You wanna tag along?」
Jun smiled in agreement.

On our way out, the snow started falling.

「First snow」

I thought.


Ryo was sitting outside CaféStudio. Turns out he lost the keys to the apartment and was waiting for you.

Little did you know this man had interest in you, how you would frown and even show small reactions from whatever he does.

But Ryo's a tough one, still is one rude roommate you're too tired to even entertain. Despite his attraction and acting rude towards you, he knows that he's lying towards himself and his feelings but he thought to himself that

「I need to make sure that she's the right one, so I'll keep teasing and testing her.」

He does this for fun but he likes the way of how you took everything so seriously and never fails to make him surprised at times.

Ryo smiled at the thought of it but it soon faded when he saw you and another figure walking towards him.



I smiled towards Jun who was sneezing non-stop and had caught a cold.

The moment I turned towards CaféStudio, I saw the figure sitting out there, shivering in the cold.


Jun looked towards me and his face went instantly pale.

As if he read my mind, he said
「Then who was the one at home throwing stuff all around and causing a mess?」

I suddenly thought about Kyoto.

「Ah then, it must've been Kyoto. Remember? He often trips, clumsy one?」
I replied.

「Right!! Jeez... that gave me sudden chills. LOL!」
Jun heaved a sigh of relief, chuckled it off while I laughed along with him.

「Hurry up and get me in there with the heater going, idiots. It's freezing out here. Can't you see?」
Ryo interrupted the small session I had with Jun.

Sheesh.. why so pressed, this man?

With that I walked towards the door with a fake smile plastered on my face as I faced towards Ryo with a:

「Yes, your majesty.」
and rolled my eyes.

The door unlocked with a click and I swung it open.

The neon sign of CaféStudio instantly light up. Jun went to turn on the heaters and went to call for Kyoto so that sleepy ass of a man can get to work as he wore the remarkable apron of CaféStudio.

Ryo went behind the counter and started putting on the apron too, sighed loudly and went to brewing the coffee for himself.

I went to sit by the microphone and test it. I sang a few notes into it and adjusted it's volume.

CaféStudio. It is what it sounds like. It's a café where people can come to have a chat over coffee and bread for breakfast and tea break or they could either choose to spend some time enjoying the live bands they perform themselves and go to the studio room to make some songs for free. Take it as an opportunity for business and to connect with the other, music lovers.

CaféStudio was a part of my dream. Now, I managed to set it up after moving to Japan. To meeting Ryo, Jun and Kyoto, it all happened here. A coincidence. Turned out we were all opting for the same apartment because it was the closest and well.. affordable.
Next thing they knew was, I'm their boss.

Anyways it is what it is. As long as we're all fine with each other, I couldn't be glad enough.

The door chimed and there he was, Kyoto, covered in snow. As soon as he saw me, he smiled widely with his cheeks rising up as high as baked buns.

Adorable, isn't he? Well, a note here that the boys are remarkably good looking. How fortunate for me, mhm?

With that CaféStudio came alive with activity within it, customers chimed in the laughter and soon left with great smiles, hands together.

That's what kept us up everyday. It satisfies us, enjoying what we do and getting the same from everyone else. The commitments matter, as well as others do.

That's what CaféStudio is made for, making others happy, a place we can call home, full of warmly scents of coffee and delightful baking that welcomes us, a safehaven.


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