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Chapter 3; Thank You

- 《TW; Slight cursing/
》 -
Jun was observing you from afar, while you and Kyoto were busily cleaning up the tables and chairs despite you not having the need to actually do it since you’re the boss.

Jun likes how you would cling to him and get goofy at random times, especially when you take strong cups of coffee and you goof up with adrenaline, how you would change yourself into being a professional at work, despite you being all adorable in bed.

He would then see those adorable sparkles shining in your eyes, those soft lips he thought were meant to be occupied with his, rightfully.

He felt special since your relationship with each other differed from the rest. Cuddling and flirting, skinship isn’t meant to be casual but ever since he had those with you, it revealed how comfortable you could be with someone and he is the first one to have known, seen and felt it beforehand.

Even though he knows that being cuddle-y and all was meant to be casual, he’s attracted to your change in personality towards the others and towards him.

Oh boy, he loves you and he won’t hide it from you. He’s too obvious, and he gets Ryo worried about it.


「Do you mind lifting your legs a little bit, Ryo-san~?」
Ryo looked up and saw you.
The sight of your messy hair quickly flustered him and how you were still hardworking despite you looking tired enough.

He instantly lifted his leg at the thought of that.

That's right, I shouldn't mess with her right now, she looks fucking exhausted.
He thought.

Ryo walked towards Kyoto and ordered him to make coffee for you.
He remembered your favourite coffee, Mocha Macchiato.

After a few minutes of sweeping here and there, under the tables and on the mini stage, Ryo watched you finally collapse onto the chair in front of the counter, right to where he was standing behind.

He watched you closely, to how you watched intently, to how Kyoto worked for his hands on the coffee. Jealousy strikes him.

「You.. ok?」
Ryo suddenly asked you, worried about how you looked so exhausted.
Ryo was still worried even though you would not try to show your tiredness and smiled at him with a nod.

Kyoto passes him the drink and Ryo puts it on the counter, right in front of you.

「Drink this, it’s your favourite, isn’t it?」
With that, he looked at how you quickly grabbed that mug and drank it down your throat with such aggressiveness.

His eyes widened at how he predicted that you really needed that and smiled at how you were looking better after that.

「Damn, thanks Ryo-san. Hey Kyoto!
ありがと too!」
You shouted loud enough for Kyoto to hear you from the kitchen.
Ryo just kept still on with that arrogant look of his cemented on his face like a rock.

He wonders how long he can keep up with his act of testing and teasing you; it makes him ever so vulnerable to how he needs to be fake into his reactions to you surprising him.


「Man, I’m exhausted!」
I said, and stretched out my arms as the boys walked alongside me.

Kyoto has been yawning non-stop and so Jun offers him a piggyback ride which he doesn’t reject and now he’s fast asleep on Jun’s back.

Ryo weirdly offered me one too and whether I wanted it, I can’t help but accept the offer too since my legs had already given out earlier.

Ryo bent down and as I straddle my legs along his waist, he slowly picks me up and his hands held me up by my thighs gently, making sure that I don’t feel uncomfortable by it.

It felt.. nice, having Ryo be kind to me today. I don’t know what has gotten into his mind but this attention felt.. nice.

My mind was slowly hazy, followed by my vision turning blurry.
Without warning, I fell asleep on Ryo’s back, my arms hugging him and my head on top of his.


Ryo slowly opened the door to your room and gently laid you down on the plump bed. He then covers you up with the bedsheets and watches you sleep for a moment.

He observes the curves of your face, the edges of it and your closed eyes.
Gently, he pecks your forehead and begins to exit your room.

Despite being unconscious as you were sleeping, you still felt the warmth of his lips touching your forehead. While still asleep, you smiled at the act.


Ryo entered his room and laid down on his bed. With one hand above his head and eyes to the ceiling, he keeps thinking about you, shifting his thoughts instantly to Jun.

This man was clearly trying to get you, and he knows. Surrendering and giving up is a big no to him as he doesn’t take the word no as an answer, no matter the context.

He clearly knows Jun’s feelings and intentions towards you but holding patience within himself, he decides that he’ll observe Jun and every single move that he does and make sure that Jun doesn’t cross the line and pisses him off.

With those thoughts being done, Ryo fell deep into sleep.


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