for the (first) lies ahead; himawari

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Chapter 5; Selfish

Kyoto. // きょと。

I'm at loss for words.
Right in front of me, the
wasted looking Jun, laid on the floor.

Did he meant whatever he said just now or was it just because he's drunk?
Anyways, why so mad?
With that I quickly carried Jun to our room and laid him on the bed.

I went to pick up the left cold beer bottles and threw them into the trash.

「Kyo- Kyoto...」

I heard Jun call me from our room.
Standing in front of our bedroom door, I gulped and with such force, embraced myself for the worse and got into the room.

「What's wrong, Junnie-kun?」

「Don't go anywhere, stay here..
right beside here, with me.
Please. You can relax here.」

I stood silent, not knowing how
to reply to what he said.


「Hey, hey I'm here.」
I cooed to Jun, ignoring my feelings for now and prioritising his state as first.

I walked towards the bed and sat beside him.

I couldn't help but admit that..
I've been selfish.
He just tries to be nice and
care about me but I just..

Jun took my hand and patted it.
I struggled to reach out the heater's remote as he held onto my hand tightly.

As I turned on the heater, it immediately heated up the whole room and I looked towards Jun, finally tension he had on his shoulders are loose free and he's relaxing.

I laid down beside him, while he instantly reacted with sighing.

I'm sorry, Jun.

I'm a bad friend.

Author's Note To Readers:

Hello there!
Thank you so much for reading up til here, it means a lot to me.

I hope you're enjoying with the story and will stick with me!

Yes, this chapter will be short as it focuses more to Jun and Kyoto's scene.

If you're curious to how the character(s) look(s) like so far, I have it on my wattpad so do sure check it out!

A new character might be arriving soon so stay tuned!

Thank you!! <33


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