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Chapter 6; U-Turn

- 《TW; Slight cursing/
course language》 -


《 Tragedy or blessing? 》


Before it all happened, it was bliss.

In a normal morning waking up to the boys, o/c smiled to the sight of Ryo blowing up at a phone call, the kitchen messy to Kyoto's baking and the living room filled with the sound of Jun's new violin overtaking the talking from the television.

Until the piercing sound
of glass fell to the ground which
came from the kitchen, right to where
Kyoto was at first busily baking away
his new cake recipe for the 'new menu'.

Ryo: 「Are you doing good at the kitchen, Kyoto? Need help?」

Kyoto: 「Look... at- th-the TV.」

Everyone then shifted their attention from Kyoto and plastered their eyes towards the television which was now featuring the news.

It now showed a chaotic scene
that included a reporter standing
right to the very front of it, struggling to speak into the mic as he braced for the explosion from the burning building and finally announced
the important tragedy.

News Reporter: 「As you can see, I am now standing right at the very front of a burning building, worsened by the explosions.」

The reporter moved to the side
and the camera zoomed towards
the burning building, surrounded
by firefighters who were striving in
saving it while debris were
scattered all around them.

At that very moment, o/c's heart shattered a million pieces and all of
o/c's roommates looked at o/c as if they could hear o/c's devastated life starts.

News Reporter: 「I am right in front of a building, also known as the one that was home to Japan's new trending start-up, CaféStudio. It is now in flames, Reporter Hiroto will be with you right after the break...」

o/c: 「No.. tell me,

o/c said and grabbed Ryo by the lapels of his shirt and shook him violently.

Kyoto's eyes were still wide open and Jun was in a state of horror.


After all, it is what it is.
Isn't it?


Jun, still in the state of horror,
stood up and turned off the television.

Ryo: 「Now then, what are we supposed
to do, now that our.. everything is.. gone?」

All turned towards him.

o/c: 「For sure we all would've said it and had a fucking solution if we knew. But the problem is, WE ALL DON'T FUCKING KNOW, GET IT?」

The boys had never seen o/c
been so mad ever before.

Of course, o/c had been always
nice and had never blown up under any circumstances but it has shown that, o/c has lost their mind.

All of them spent their time,
rejecting calls that they
received from numerous news companies and worries their respective family members.

At the same time, the boys
tried to cheer o/c up and putting o/c
as the first priority despite them
still being hurt from the wound
that tore their dreams apart.
Especially Kyoto.

o/c was seen sitting at the
very far corner of the room,
clothes drenched in tears that flow
non-stop from their eyes, as it
almost seems that even if they cried
continuously until tears were tainted
with blood, they still wouldn't stop.

Night eventually covered the city
of Tokyo into darkness but make it
the night of despair for the ones mourning over their dreams and sacrifises.

Caféstudio seize to exist.
But it's memories forever haunt
them, creeping into their sleep
whenever possible, sweet
but ending up in flames.


there was a crack in the sky.


What should they do now?
Cry over despair?


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