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Chapter 7; Tadashi

《TW; Slight cursing/
course language》 -

Then, there was a knock at the door.

All of them looked at each other.
Who would come knocking at their doorstep if it wasn't any other than repeated news reporters and journalists coming for an interview.

Ryo sighed.
A week has already gone by,
eversince CaféStudio was caught up and burnt down in flames.

Investigations are still ongoing,
the police said that it seemed like any other normal cases, 'mishaps happen'.

Jun thought.

「Uhm, hello? Anyone there?」

The voice came from the door.

Ryo: 「Who are you and may I ask if you have any business with us? Furthermore, we've all said to the reporters and journalists that we don't want any more trouble in those interviews.」

「Firstly, I'm Tadashi and
I definitely not one of those reporters,
secondly, I'm the new roomate you're
gonna have to live with.
Now open up the door or I'm
gonna have to call the landlo-」

Jun who was closest to the door,
opened the door with no hesitation.

Jun: 「Sheesh, being such
a fit, aren't we? Anyways welcome, welcome! Come on in.」

Tadashi then stepped foot into
the house and for a second, seemed
like he surveyed the situation.

Tadashi: 「Aren't you the
guys that ran Caféstudio-
wait no the once who had ran the

At this point, all of them
had the face of they were clearly done
with him and his attitude and Tadashi immediately kept quiet at his comment.

Ryo went to his room, slamming the door shut. Jun went to sit on the couch and turned on the game console. Kyoto scratched his head and looked back from Jun to Tadashi.

Kyoto: 「Ah, haha...
Tadashi, was it? Please allow me
to show your room.」

With that being said, Tadashi
forced a painful smile and thanked Kyoto as they walked to the room.
Tadashi was carrying a big luggage and another bag that looked like it was going to burst.

Kyoto: 「What a big bag you
have.. what are those, tools?」
He asked and pointed towards
the bag Tadashi held on.

Tadashi: 「Oh, haha! Those are just some extra books and figurines I brought along with me!」
He replied and smiled afterwards.

Kyoto: 「Woah, you collect
figurines!? What type of figurines...」
He asked as their voices faded and was
heard as a mumble from the room.

Jun was watching them from
the couch, making sure not to make
himself so obvious. Tadashi gives him the chills, he thought.

Speaking from experience, Jun had once worked towards being a psychologist and analysing small little details is what he does and he's sure that he doesn't like the looks of Tadashi.

Kyoto came out of the room,
eyes beaming at how Tadashi had such passion and interests in figurine-collecting and also how they shared the same interest in games.

Now that it is, they are 'otaku' buddies.

With sitting ever so curled up on the couch that Jun was sitting on beside them, o/c had never felt so lonely.
Their heart cracked and they've lost the light of hope.

Jun had realised how gloom they had been eversince the incident. The moment Jun looked towards o/c, they stood up and walked into Ryo's room.

Jun sighed and turned towards Kyoto who was then taking the seat beside him that o/c sat before. Jun smiled at Kyoto and he smiled back. They then played a game of Mario Kart.

Ryo was sitted at his
desktop and was settling some
paperwork when he saw the lady-like
figure entered the room.

Ryo became soft.

Ryo: 「Hey.. you okay?」

He then turned towards o/c who had
sitted beside him. Eversince he saw you fell into tears, he had been nice to you and made sure you took your meals, constantly putting you and accompanying you to sleep.

o/c: 「I feel so lonely.
At most, what I can describe
it is that I feel like shit.」

Ryo's eyes softened at the sight of o/c looking restless. He then pulled them closer for a hug as he patted their head.

Ryo: 「It's late, do you
want me to cook you dinner
or do you want to head to bed?」

Their eyes was fixed towards the floor.
They didn't replied him.

Ryo: 「For tonight, you can
sleep here in my room, right on
the bed. I'll sleep on the
floor right beside you, alright?」

o/c looked towards Ryo and shook their head. Ryo got confused.

Ryo: 「Then, where should
I sleep if not for the mattress,
on the floor? Don't worry,
I'll be just right there beside you.」

o/c still shook their head. They then pointed towards the other side of the bed. Ryo nodded and understood what they meant. Afterwards, Ryo asked them to wait in the bed as he went to fetch something from the kitchen.

Ryo took out a few cookies
and a poured a glass for milk.

Possibly, they can't go to sleep
with their stomachs empty.
He thought and returned to the room.
o/c thanked Ryo for his kind actions and ate the cookie as they drank the milk.

o/c offered the cookie to Ryo but he denied. In the end, Ryo took the cookie and ate it because o/c looked like they
was going to cry again and Ryo
did not wanted to cause trouble.

A few minutes after consoling o/c,
they fell asleep and Ryo covered them with the bedsheets. Ryo watched them sleeping peacefully, satisfied with how he took care of them. He then also fell asleep after.

Author's Note To Readers:

Lovelies! Indeed, the new character
turns out to be Tadashi!

Sorry for the late update, I had to take a few days break since my head had been very dizzy but I'm back!

And here's to how he looks like, it's featured in my wattpad book version of this!

And of course, he is American-Japanese.

However, is Tadashi a normal adult like the rest? Why does Jun has no likes of him?

Stay tuned, loveliesss!! <333


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