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Chapter 8; Himawari

- 《TW; Coarse Language,
Violence & Gory 》 -

Tadashi came out of his room after an hour of packing out his clothes and figurines. He walked out and saw that
Jun were watching Kyoto struggling to complete the mission of Hitman.

Tadashi: 「Can I give it a try?」

Kyoto: 「Oh, yeah sure! Thanks, I've been stuck on this for more than 15 minutes.」

Tadashi sat on the couch and
Kyoto passed the console to him.
Jun stood up to get a cup of tea from
the kitchen and Kyoto followed him
to grab a quick snack.

Tadashi's eyes eagerly was plasted
on the screen, hands professionally at the game console as he focused on the mission.

Kyoto: 「Man, is he an expert at
killing and assasination? LOL!」

Jun was bothered by the comment.
He stood there, lifeless as Kyoto looked at his whitening face, as Jun had a blank look. Kyoto shook his head and chuckled it off.

Tadashi was still focused on
the mission, but ears were able to pick up the small murmuring from the
kitchen, the voices of Kyoto. Tadashi then quickly turned towards them and
smiled at Kyoto, signalling that he'd complete the mission already.

Kyoto beamed with pride. His otaku friend was totally good at this. Tadashi spotted Jun's lifeless reaction with Jun snapping out of the thought. Tadashi was silent.

Kyoto realised how awkward it had been, the atmosphere thickening
and he started to sweat, nervous
from the tension in between
the other two who had been
looking weirdly at each other.

Kyoto immediately returned to where Tadashi was sitting and in that gesture, tried to break off the tension that was building.

Jun followed Kyoto and sat down silently while drinking the bottled tea. Kyoto smiled towards Tadashi and handed him a bag of chips which he then received it with delight.

Kyoto then continued talking with
Tadashi regarding how professional
he seems.


「In the uncanny silence,
Tadashi smiled.」


TW; Please strictly skip the part below to the next chapter if you're uncomfortable with violence & gory.


In the afternoon, Kyoto and Jun
headed out to buy some groceries
at a nearby grocery store in Shibuya.
Jun asked Kyoto to wait outside as he just wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes real quick.

Kyoto waited at the side alley,
right beside the convinience store
and felt uncomfortable.

He had realized that it was really unusual, feeling unsafe at somewhere he was used to going almost every week.

Kyoto smelled a scent of
Himawari Sunflowers and was
suddenly calm.

He felt dizzy, all of a sudden and all he saw was a few people, walking towards him as they held a shiny, glinting, what seems like a sharp object in their hands.

Jun had just came out
of the convinience store when he
saw Kyoto being surrounded, sitted on the ground almost unconscious, hhe dropped the groceries to the ground, quickly running towards Kyoto
for the need of his safety.


t the exact moment Kyoto was
about to meet death, Jun stood in between Kyoto and the group. Only to his actions, Jun was immediately stabbed with such force and aggresion, multiple times until his body became lifeless and dropped to the floor.

Tadashi, who had been concidentally
walking by the alley had saw what happened. Tadashi immediately rushed and the mysterious group

Tadashi called the Ryo & o/c, followed by the ambulance. He stayed by Kyoto, who was knocked out unconscious and Jun, who was bleeding profusely, shirt drenched in blood, who's cuts were deep and wide.

Tadashi clenched his fists and
supported the weight of Jun and Kyoto as they embraced the incoming heavy rain pouring on them, floor
wet with rain and blood, fusing together created a distinct, faded color.


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