The White Wolf

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Elena Smith has gone through a lot, sudden attack from the rogues destroy and claim the life of her pack-member's including her alpha father and mother,she was the only survivor Of her pack... In her eyes, her eyes contain the utmost sorrow, pains and yet displayed the absolute strength.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

The white wolf
Author: Moonbunnie

Elena Smith has gone through a lot of pains and sorrows, a sudden attack of the rogues with the help of some powerful witches claim the life of her father's and all of her pack members forcing her to become a rogue at a young age, she flew from the attack but later keep as a slave for stepping into another's pack land
Warning::!!!! warning::: this story contains scenes of violence and sexual activity which may triggering some readers
Please, this book contain a very strong mature scene, don't insult please
Strictly 18+
Any body under 18, read at your own risk......
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Chapter one:

Elena Smith pov

Werewolves are lot more stronger when the full moon appears, I have always loved the dark night and I am obsession with the full moon , you may think it's a werewolf thing, I just love seeing the full moon
My name is Elena Smith, I'm a werewolf, my parents are the alpha and Luna of the moon pack, alpha Richard Smith and Luna keerah Smith our pack is the second of the strongest pack in the world, my wolf Aria is pure white with golden eyes, it's was uncommon wolf, there has not been a white wolf even since the first wolves, In my pack we have different kind of wolves
My father's wolf are twice as large as any of the pack members, and it's was pure black with an ocean blue pairs of eyes, it's look so beautiful while my mother's wolf was a silver wolf with a sliver pairs of eyes, being the only child of alpha Richard and Luna keerah Smith, I was treated like a princess and was loved by every members of the pack
I always gotten what I wanted, cars, grades , friends and everything.
Werewolves shift at the age of 14 but met their mate at 18 years of age, they shift at 14 once their body is physically able to handle the pains, the first shift is the most painful one, your bones crack, you grow fur, your nails turn into claws, fingers into paws and mouth into snout
But at age 12, I was able to shift unlike the other werewolves, I shifted fast at the age of 12, it's was horrible but with the help of my father and mother, I was able to overcome it.
"I think you're special, your wolf is pure white" my father says
" Shifting too early, I don't understand why the moon goodness allow this" my mother says frustrated
It's was the first time I met my wolf Aria, she's big and large unlike a normal wolf and friendly, we both went for run together, it's was an amazing feelings
Alpha King Ryder pov
In the office...
I was in the office doing some packs works my fist was tangled in my hair as I looked so tired doing all these paperwork, it was so boring
I was the Alpha king of the blood moon pack, the strongest of the packs in the world, comprising over 1,000 pack members and we were also one of the largest, I was a noble alpha king, I was ruling my pack alone ,. people call me ruthless and blood thirsty animal, some call me cruel and merciless, I don't care of my scarier reputation given by people, I was only cruel and mercilessly to people who stood on my way, I have yet to find my mate, I have always wanted my true mate my one and only love and queen, I will not settle for just anyone just because the elders keep disturbing me to made one of our female pack members as my queen, Hell No
I had whores in the pack that pleases me anytime am on, but that those not make me made her my queen. Sofia, she's my warriors pack member also known as my whore, she has been so clingy on me this days telling me to make her my queen, my wolf Ray hates her and her idea of making her my queen, he only want her mate, our mate , our only true mate and queen and he always begs for control to kill her, he's unhappy about my decision, about making her my whore and sleeping with her
"What will our mate think of, if she gets to find us and knows about this bitch your are keeping and fucking with, she's gonna hate us" says Ray he keeps nagging me about his mate
"Easy man, I will immediately stop fucking her, if I get to met our mate, she will be our first priority I promise" I says assuring the nagging Ray
" I hope so, and I hope she won't hate us he says
" She won't okay,!!!!
warning:::this story contains scenes of violence and sexual activity which may triggering some readers
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