The White Wolf

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Chapter 2: Prophecy

Rogues attack.
The prophecy.
Alpha Richard POV.
It was sunset, and I am at the office reading and sorting out the pack stuff, but things doesn't feel right as my wolf Keen keep pacing in my head as if he is mumbling to me. Something is actually wrong. I instantly mind link my childhood friend and beta, beta Josh to survey and make twice as much as checking the border well.
After some moments, I determined to go check around myself. I close my book and place it carefully on the other side of the desk when my wolf becomes more restless again every passing minute, abruptly I hear some wolves howl In the distance.
There is a smell, the awful smell that only belongs to rogues.
Beta Josh's mind links me, “Alpha we are under attack, by the rogues.
“We were being charged at, everyone takes shelter” I mind linked everyone in the pack at once, women, and children are sent to shelter including my only daughter, Elena. She was placed in a more isolated place, while the other men wolves in the pack get ready to fight along with the warriors in the pack.
“What are you doing here, Keerah?” Go take shelter too,” I told my Luna, who refuse to heed my instructions.
She raised her brow in return for what I said.
“No, we fight together and perish together as a mate” she mumbles.
I was shocked by her words, but more proud of her for being brave, she refused to take refuge, and my Luna was by my side, combatting side by side with her.
I was overwhelmed.
Soon, I sniff blood. They are in, they have penetrated into our pack, their smell soon reached my nose, they are rouges, and another scent hit my nose, “Witches”, Why are the witches helping the rogues?”, They were never entangled in the werewolves' business before.
They are near, I saw lots of numerous werewolves coming out in the clearing from the woods, they growl at us showing off their intense sharp canines illuminated with blood and one of the witches comes in with the rogue's ruler and the witches command a Shadow with the wand she was wielding, their body was pitched black as if they were moving shadow who had two horns on top of their heads similar to a bull, their eyes are glowing, screaming evil, they contained indescribable blood lust. They were out for blood for Killing.
It's black magic “They are Demons”.....
“Where is the white wolf?" The rogue's ruler asked me.
“What are you talking about?” What White wolf are you talking about?” I reply.
“Can you stop pretending? Enough of your stupid act” the rogue's ruler shot back at me.
Bring out the White Wolf, or else” he threatened.
“No one as a white wolf among my pack members” Alpha Richard answered back.
“The white wolf is deemed to be a threat and enemy of the rogues and witches, she's known as our disastrous night mare, so bring her out right away, we must slay her before she evolved to have more power beyond our imagination to threaten us,” The rogue leader said, threatening.
"No one has a white wolf among my pack members, and we will never relinquish, or bow to any one, and before I would finish my statement the moving pitch dark thing was being controlled to suck the life out of my Luna, she's dead, Keerah is dead, in front of me. They killed my mate.
“The prophecy says the white wolf is blessed by the moon goddess, and she will be the downfall of all rogues and the witches' clan, so we must annihilate her now, she must be extinct before she could fulfill the moon goddess wishes and If you don't bring her out now, every member of your pack will be dead like your weak Luna” Do you understand?” I will kill all your pack members if you refuse to bring and transmit her over to me” The rogue leader threatened again.
“She must be killed to save the world and my clan” The silent witch finally spoke.
I could not think upright again, seeing my precious mate and queen was laying on the floor in her pool of blood lying lifeless.
I was going crazy, my wolf Keden was going crazy and howling in grief as he was watching his mate's body lying motionless beside them.
And he finally takes control howling in grief as I shifted to my large wolf, he howls again as he declared a war.
And then the war flared, they never relinquish, but unfortunately, they all immersed.
High recommended for 18+ only.
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