The White Wolf

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Chapter 3: Run.

Escape from the scene.
I was terrified and scared from where I was hidden when I see my beautiful mom, her life being sucked away from her by the dark shadow, with her last breath she shouted for me to run as fast as I can, remember we died protecting you.
“Elena, remember we will always love you both I and your father run…run.... As fast as you can, That's what my mother says last before her last breath. She gave up to the ghost.
I left the house on a run, the bright moon shore down on my golden long hair, I can feel some rogues behind me, you need to run fast my wolf Aria says, let me take over, I felt my blood move, my bones shift as my wolf Aria take over my body, and soon I was on my four paws, not on my two feet again, I turn around once more to see my pack for the last time before I tore through the forest behind the pack at a treacherous speed, the stars guides me, the moon gave me the light and the huge trees that touched the sky offered me shelter, my paws dug into the mud as I run and run fast as my wolf would.
About 3 hours of running. I finally stopped to grab some air to breathe, I tensed as I sniffed in the air, I was getting close to a pack's territory “This is bad” I murmur. I could be seen as a rogue and that would get me killed, but I had no other choice to step unto their territory since the rogues were still behind me chasing after me, I took a deep breath as I shallow my fears and ran through the border. I turn my back to see the rogue stopped not daring to cross the border with me as I keep running, I had no idea how big this pack's land his, I have come so far that I couldn't turn back now.
Suddenly, there was a deep, annoying loud growl behind me. I froze, that is it, this is the end. This time I am dead, this is the end of life for me, I will surely be killed, I turned to face the wolf, he was very large but not as large as mine, he was black with a little spot brown on his claws, he has his brown eyes bored into mine, he was watching me, full of hatred, he was carefully watching how I take my every step. I bared my teeth and give out a thunderous growl, the wolf lunges at me, I side stepped him, he growls and ran towards me with full speed, I lunged the other way, and he slowly turned to face me, “Stop playing me” he growled, he was a very powerful wolf, his sharp canines bit down my shoulder when he lunges at me again. I whimper in pains as I yanked myself away from him, only to fall at the chest of another yet powerful power radiated wolf. I knew he was the alpha as my vision grew dark.
"No, I endeavor to keep myself from falling into a deep slammer, but I could not
All I hear before I fainted was
“Now, you are in for it pup”…
Author note.
Elena finally escape from the attacking her pack, but unfortunately for her, she steps on another's alpha pack land.
And it's known in the werewolves' law, that any lonely (rogues) wolf that step on another's pack land is considered as a threat and must be killed on spot or better still tortured to death. What will be Elena fate?” Will fate smile on her.
Will she be saved or killed? Curious, read this !!!!!
Warning! This story contains high sexual activity.
High recommended for 18+ only.
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