The White Wolf

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Chapter 5 : Omega.

Made into an Omega.
I was not truly happy existing as one, as an alpha offspring, but I had no other choice than to submit, or I will surely be murdered by the alpha.
as long as I can keep my life, I had no option but to accept his offer. I will seek my revenge.
Without indicating any hints of pain, I obeyed and follow him to the alpha office. We arrived, and he bowed his head in respect.
"Alpha, she's here,” the unknown guy said.
“ Okay, you can go” he bowed his head again and left both of us alone, I keep standing as he was in his seat engrossed in his work, he looks up and see me standing.
“Who are you? You don't smell like a normal rogue,” He asks.
“ I am not a rogue, Alpha. I am Elena Smith, the only daughter of alpha Richard and Luna Keerah Smith, the alpha of the moon pack.
He looks surprised and stunned, and he asks further.
“Then if you're the daughter of one of the strongest packs, “What are you doing here, on my territory? He questions me looking at me with wary.
“ My pack was attacked by the rogues with the help of some powerful witch, and they slain every of my pack members and demolish everything my father's built, since I was able to flee. I was chased by the rogues, and I found my self stepping on your territory, it was not intentional, I am sorry” I told him.
“Oh, I understand now. Well, since you have the alpha blood in you, you are fated to be an alpha, I won't be able to make you one of my pack members or warriors and there can only be one alpha in my territory, and that is me. So to keep your life, I can only make you an omega," he announces.
“An omega?
“I appreciate your kindness, Alpha. Since you are willing to flatten my life and I am able to keep my life. I am grateful for your grace.
I shall seek my revenge when I become stronger (Elena's mind thinking).
“Okay, thanks alpha, for the mercy.
It's 2 years since the rogue attack that wipe out all my pack members and family, destroy and burn down everything my father build with my mother with the help of those bastards, witches.
They murdered my mother to weaken my father, everywhere was bloody. I have been having a terrible night mare about that day, at some point, I wanted to end my life, but my revenge makes me stronger. I must revenge on their deaths.
I must get my revenge on every one of the rogues and the witch's clan.
I still recall my mother's last words “I love you, remember we died protecting you.
I am 18 years now, I have turned out to become a beautiful lady, tall with my long golden hair and my blues eyes, I have a huge boob and a pink plump lips, I have a milk white skin giving me the perfect shape and curves every girl desire for and every guy kills for, many girls are jealous of me including the Luna, Jerry has met his mate BEKKY, I'm still in an excellent shape despite being an omega.
Ever since I turn 18, I have been hoping to meet my destiny mate.
I am worried about Alpha Jerry's intention toward me.
Alpha Jerry has been showing a lot of interest in me lately since I developed into a beautiful girl, his personality has changed. One day, he comes to my room, I was never treated like an Omega, so I had my personal room, he comes to my room secretly at night telling me he wants to have sex with me, and he tells me how much he wants me more than his Luna. He promises me he will make me his mistress, the second to Luna's position, I disagree telling him I'm protecting my first for my destined mate.
Since then, he changed. He allowed every pack member to bully me and reduce my rank to the lowest and dirtiest Omega, I was asked to do dirty jobs, and I was not allowed to be given any food except the Luna approved.
I was treated worse than a mutt in the pack house and actually, I was turned into a slave.
I was waiting for my mate, I keep searching for him, but he was no where to be found in the pack house or one of its members, I guess, he is not from this pack.
I never smell of an Omega because I was not born as one, I'm not weak.
My wolf is strong, and I am an alpha woman king.....
I have an Alpha wolf.
I'm the white wolf.
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