The White Wolf

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Chapter 6 : Life as a slave.

Beginning of my Life as a slave in the pack.
Elena view.
“Slave” I heard alpha Jerry summon me from the living room, ever since I decline to be alpha Jerry's mistress, I have been maltreated badly. I'm fed up.
I immediately left the dishes I was washing and ran to him bowing my head in fear as I entered the living room., I am afraid of being hurt again by him, he and his Luna were cuddling each other on the couch “My mate needs some food to eat, she is hungry” he yelled in his alpha tune.
I bowed my head again and made my way to the kitchen, I made some mouthing tasty food, and in thirty minutes the food is ready. I serve it and put it in a tray with a glass of juice beside it as I made my way back to the living room. Just then, I walk in at the wrong time as they were kissing and already in a hot session of sex time with each other.
He growled angrily and loudly at me when he sensed my presence. Rapidly, he wrapped his hand around my throat choking me and making all the food I made, fall in the process, he is annoyed, and I know best I should not dispute, protest, yelled, or cried. He's a monster. All because I rejected him, he's treating me like a trash.
He tosses my body hard to the floor, pain shoots through me, as he keeps kicking my abdomen and whacking my beautiful face. I knew I could have some shattered ribs and swollen face the next day, he grabs me up again choking my neck and flinging me hard again. Due to my lack of food and nutrients deprivation.
I didn't gather enough strength and stamina to stand the alpha punch, I screamed as he slammed my body deep into the wall, making me cry out in nothing but pain. This is too much.
When Jerry is satisfied with the beatings, he gave me one last kick at my side before demanding I should go clean the food mess I made, or I will get another beating and I was asked to make another food for the Luna to eat.
I gradually attempt to get up holding the kitchen counter for support. My body was aching from the pains and blood was coming out from my cuts, I heard giggles from the living room and I know it was from Bekky Jerry's mate, I saw him holding her up to the stairs in a bridal style to proceed with their fun.
Tears fall from my eyes and I wish I found my mate soon, someone to care about me, and loved me.
I carefully made my way to the living room where I cleared and cleaned all the places and I went back to the kitchen to prepare another food and deliver it to the alpha door step, then I went back to the kitchen, I scrubbed the last bit of the kitchen floor, my hands were sore, my back ached, my neck ached and my whole damn body ached.
My vision become blurred every now and then, my stomach growled, and my mouth was dry from the lack of water.
My life was horrible at the pack house, they made my life a living misery and made me live in the pack disastrous cellar along with my roommate, rats and cockroaches, and rags as a fabric for me.
Anywhere is decent than in the dumps I call a home for the past 2 years.
When everyone else was asleep I sneak into the lake that is close to take a quick fast bath.
I wished the water I bathed in, heal my hidden scars even if I had a wolf she can't heal my scars, or my broken bones, she was in a bad position as well as I. The alpha and his pack members like to take their anger on me whether it's with a knife or with a punch, they usually target my abdomen.
I'm so tired, this is not how my parents behaved toward their Omega, we were all treated equally, I miss my parents I said as uncontrollable tears fall down my cheeks.
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