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What would you do if from one day to another your nightmares start happening on real life? every fear at day light, where to run? what to do? of the only way out from your nightmares was making up, how to wake up from real life nightmares? Thats what Jade is trying to figure out, why it all started and how to stop it, every nightmare she had and new ones start ocurring in her daily basis, but she asks, if its only happening to her? or are others leaving their real life nigtmares too? what she doesn't know, is that someone so close to her is the reason why she's being chased by all this new terror phase on he life.

Mystery / Thriller
Black Swan
Age Rating:


''He's looking at me'' - It's all I can say to myself when I see him, standing on the other side of the street, not moving, not blinking, staring right into my eyes, I can feel it.
''Who is he?'' - I asked my father while I step closer to close the gate that stayed wide open, we just came from making the ritual of the weekends, going to the supermarket.
''Who?'' - asked my father while he opened the trunk of the car to start taking the few bags we brought home.
''That man there, he's been staring at us since we came'' - I said at the same time I pointed directly to the man just a few steps distancing us, just one way street bewteen us.
''What?'' - he asked, moving closer to me to take a better look at what I was ponting, he stopped at my side, then he took some steps forward to have a better look of the whole street in front of us. ''there's no one there'' - he said with a confusing small laugh and turning around to give me a '' what the hell are you talking about?'' look.
He was still staring, he didn't move, not even by seeing my father coming closer to the edge of the street. it dind't felt right.
how did my dad didn't saw him? he is right there!
The man was dressed all black, fom head to toes, his coat was darked than the night, his pants, you couldn't even distinguish the division of the clothes, his coat, his pants neither his shoes, everything seemed as one black long sleeve coat covering him completely, with a formal hat, the ones you only see on classic movies, on elegant and formal men.
The gate.
I thought coming back to myself and realizing I was still standing up on the same place, I haven't close the gate yet, I walked a few steps closer, reaching out a hand to take on of the sides of the gate to pull it over... when it all started.

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