The mystery

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There’s a mystery going around town.The mum is called Caroline the dad is called brodi and the teenager girl is called jade and the 10 year old girl is called Jessica and then the 12 year old boy is called Martin

Mystery / Children
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The missing child

The Sullivan’s family was walking down the street.It was as dark as under neath a blanket.To be save they had a dog with them. The dog was a grey hound he was a grey dog and very friendly he wouldn’t hurt a fly . There was so many voices by the tall trees . The dog howled like a wolf and then the voices was coming from inside a bush the Sullivan’s family stood in silence standing close with there torch on. Caroline picked up best mate as she didn’t want best mate to get stolen as there is dog stealers around.Luckily Caroline and Brodi had a note book to right down all the mysterious things what’s going on. After they wrote down all of the mysterious happenings they went back home as it was getting late. The Sullivan’s family all went to sleep then there was a knock at the door really loud like a KNOCK KNOCK BANG BANG and they was frightened the dad said I’m gonna go get it u all go under the covers and be careful. Brodi opened the door with a water gun in his hand.Then there was 5 men standing there. Brodi said Who are you they just stared then a young adult appeared who is a girl she looked really sassy she had a crop top on legings and was chewing chewing gum.No one said a word the 6 people helped there selfs in and said where is the rest of ur family and Brodi text the Sullivan’s and told them to split up and hide.The 5 men went searching and the young lady just sat there on her phone. Then the boy Martin got caught. And got tied up in a sack. When they left, The dad told them they can come out now but the boy didn’t. They all stared at each other and text Martin.Martin got the message on his phone and replied saying they kidnaped me!HELP ME..... They all looked at each other in a panick.
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