The mystery

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Finding Martin

They didn’t know what to do. They was searching down the streets. They put posters up and asking random strangers with a picture of him. Jade was posting on instagram writing in the caption have u seen Martin if u have please contact the number:07863628375. Then Caroline said to Jessica Brodi And jade what about calling the police. Brodi said that is a wonderful idea. Caroline dialed the number 999. The police said we will try find him but I can’t make any promises.They all was thinking of all the good times they had with Martin and then Jade started sobbing and she said “what if we never find him”. Caroline says in a hopeful voice “We will find him” even tho deep down she was feeling the same. “I wish I never argued with him” mumbled jade. Brodi said in a strict voice. “HOW IS THIS HELPING US FIND MARTIN”They all stood up and went out to search. Brodi shouted MARTIN where are you. Whistle if u can hear me.They heard a whistle and it sounded like one of martins one so they ran the direction it came from and said whistle again. So he did but it was getting fainter and fainter.Jessica didn’t really like Martin so she didn’t really care because she just thought it was one of his tricks but now she knows it isn’t a trick she feels really bad and she asked all her friends at school Caroline asked every one at her work and they all said no. It was as if Martin disappeared from the earth.
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