The mystery

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The phone call...

Caroline topped up her phone so she could call Martin. But she had all thoughts in her head.She called him but it wasn’t him who answered.... The people who kidnapped him picked up the phone. Caroline said where is my son,Bring him home now. The kidnappers offered a ransom to get Martin back.We will do whatever it takes. The kidnappers said 50,000 Caroline and Brodi’s jaw dropped and said we haven’t got that kind of money where are we suppose to get that from. And then the kidnappers said we don’t care. Caroline said to Jessica and Jade we will need to stop ur pocket money and ..But then Jade cut her of saying..”why”. Then Caroline explained I’ll was telling you until you started cutting me of. So then she carried on! And save up for 50,000 pounds. Jade and Jessica Shouted”WHAT” “WHY” “HOW”... Jade snuck into her room and locked her door. She rang her brother,not to speak to Martin to speak to the kidnappers. And they answered. Jade said “Hi!” They said “What do u want?! She said I want my brother back.They said no. She thought “ughhh”!
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