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I had a dream...

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💥 I hate this place 💥

NOTICE; hey there beautiful people...this happens to be my first book, written a long time ago by a 10 year old version of myself...enjoy!

"welcome to Clearview boarding school dear,am sure you'll make it through here just fine!"
The lady with gray hair said with a tired smile after handing some sheets of papers to my Dad.

"I know she will and thank you principal Hater, for accepting my daughter to enroll here even when we're two weeks late,I really appreciate"

"All the pleasure Mr.Morganstone,she should just pack up her stuffs...hope you brought everything that was requested?"

I Nodded as an answered but she kept staring at me with her intensed eyes that got me uncomfortable.

My Dad nudged my arm, making me to direct my stare from my hands to him.

"Say something nice will you?"
He wisphered to me even when am sure that she could hear him.

"Thank you so much principal Hater,am sure glad to be here"
I voiced out with the best amount of happiness I could mustar even when I know am not too good at playing happy and all.

Wait!, don't get me wrong,it not like am rude, weird or anything...I just prefer to keep to myself and not talk too much,guess that why mum left us. Even thou Dad keeps telling me that I wasn't the reason she left but rather;she was fed up with him.

"Alright then,get your things together,say goodbye to Daddy and head over to hostel B"
She voiced out, forcing me out of my thoughts and then handing me a card alongside a paper which am assuming to be my student ID and a roster of the school programs.

I collected the items with a nod of which obviously my Dad wasn't happy about,he would have preferred me saying a 'thank you'.

"Classes are going on now,since you are new here,you are excused so you can settle down."

"Thank you so much"
My Dad appreciated as he stood up,raedy to leave.

"And the card I gave you holds information of the hostel and the bedspace you're to occupy,am sure you'll quickly find your way"
She quickly interrupted before I could let myself out. God!,I hate it when people do that...to save myself from this nightmare of this extremely goody woman,I quickly nodded and attempted to leave only to be called back...again.

"Oh, before I forget...what your name again?"


A/N; First chapter and that's all. Have a nice read with the rest chapter.

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