The Psychopath

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When you fall in love with someone who doesn't have a past........ His wierd behaviour after marriage forced me to think of my decision twice.......On the search for his past and opening mysterious chapters of life..... All Stories doesn't have a happy ending but a many have twist....... On journey to improve my make wrong right and to see horror mystery.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1-The Memory.

As I remember that day very well, it wasn't a ordinary day.
It was a stormy night and I was damp in rain water , the rain was not as usual ,as it was the month of December and every drop of rain was coming like prickly needle for me.
I was standing beside a pole infront of a road which was quite empty.I was freezing to death and then my phone ringed

"Miss I am very sorry but I won't be able to make it upto you." ,said the taxi driver for whom I was waiting.
"Can you arrange another cab for me, I couldn't be able to find one myself in this weather",I told as shivering head to toe.
"Very sorry miss I don't know whether I can as there is traffic in mostly places due to the storm,but I'll try" , without saying other word the person or listening to me the phone was disconnected.

I knew that the driver won't be able to send me another cab and also it was impossible to contact someone in this situation as the network was weak.

I tried to walk by myself in hope to get as lift from someone , I was thinking that is was risky but it's better than killing myself to freezing death.

As I started to walk seeing every car speeding up even after asking for the lift as I was looking like a Ghost which was obvious.
Then suddenly a car stopped in front of me and a hand came out which had umbrella with it.
It was so sudden that I wasn't able to hold the umbrella,but then the man came out of the car a said
" Anna! This was so stupid of you. You should have at least informed me about your situation. You are nearly unrecognisable. Oh my dear!"
This was Ubel who was a teacher but I knew him because he tutored by niece.

I was standing like a statue not knowing what to say he looked at me and helped me till his car.We drived till my sister's house .

And then I only remembered that he was there beside me the whole night worried and changing the cloth kept over my head and whispered to me
" Don't worry I am always there for you. Please get better fast. I like you !"
These words weren't clear but it was sure that day I realised what it feels to be cared by someone less known..
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